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Home Garages’ Disappearing Act

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It’s happening all around the Monterey Bay area. In quaint little cottages on the beach in Carmel. Rustic coastal cabins in Santa Cruz. And especially, in new high-density housing that’s being built in response to soaring land values.

Home garages are pulling a disappearing act.

Anywhere living space is at a premium, the first thing to go is the garage. As older residences are renovated, it’s quite common to see garages converted into needed family space. And many new condo, townhome and apartment developments are being built with no personal garage space whatsoever.

Unfortunately, this trend is in direct opposition to the lifestyles we lead here on the Monterey Peninsula. More people than ever are staying active. They surf, sail or windsurf. They camp in our scenic parks. They own mountain bikes and diving gear, tents and camping equipment, boats and RVs — not to mention multiple vehicles, often including vintage cars that they enjoy working on. And without a garage, there’s nowhere to store anything.

Offsite Garage Storage Is the Answer

Monterey Motorsport Park not only solves this by offering the offsite garage storage you need — but also represents the next generation in garage-condos, a very worthy successor to the sold-out luxury garage-condo developments elsewhere on the Monterey Peninsula and in Santa Cruz.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here:

  • A security-conscious development adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport with access-controlled gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and alarms in individual units
  • Garage-condo units in all sizes from less than 700 sq. ft. to more than 4,250 sq. ft., with ceilings of up to 25 feet
  • The flexibility to store almost anything: your collector or track cars, valuable wine collection, household stuff from vacation home furniture to holiday decorations, business materials such as financial records or additional stock merchandise, and even a boat or RV in the largest units in selected locations within the complex
  • A mezzanine in every unit that’s 14 feet above the garage floor — most owners will be customizing this into a personal office or their own leisure retreat getaway
  • Connections for Internet and phone service, as well as cable TV hookups
  • An attractive, modern design with stone wall treatments and welcoming entry canopies — this is nothing like a self-storage unit

Nearly One-Third of Monterey Car Storage Condos Are Sold

Buyers who missed out on Garage Unlimited of Monterey — developed by the same team that’s building Monterey Motorsport Park — are snapping these units up. Who knows when another opportunity like this will present itself, if ever?

The final construction drawings are still awaiting city approval — with groundbreaking expected in the spring — and yet 40% of the units are already reserved. Don’t wait! Get in now while there’s still plenty of selection, you can more easily make modifications if you desire, and there are valuable pre-construction incentives that include electric openers for the large roll-up doors plus a finely polished concrete floors in your unit.

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