Business Uses

Monterey Motorsport Park is a luxury garage-condo facility and car community located near the Monterey Airport. Owners will primarily use their condos to store and maintain valuable car collections, automobile memorabilia and other personal and business items — from second home furniture to business files.

But some owners have asked if they can use their condo for business purposes. The answer is yes. These smaller businesses range from next-generation auto retailers that offer custom car-buying and selling services — often on-demand via e-commerce — to many other types of enterprises.

Businesses locating at Monterey Motorsport Park require approval from the complex’s board, as well as from the City of Monterey. In addition, uses would be expected to comply with the community’s covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) and have minimal impact in terms of:

  • Water usage
  • Traffic or other nuisances
  • Parking requirements
  • Noise
  • Dust or bothersome odors

One of the first business to announce plans to move to Monterey Motorsport Park is McCall Events, which is run by Gordon McCall, noted car and motorcycle collector and co-host of the annual McCall Motorworks Revival, held at the Monterey Jet Center to kick off Car Week each August.

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New Project

Monterey Bay Business Center will be located adjacent to the currently under construction Dunes Promenade development by Shea Homes, in Marina, California
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