The next evolution of garage-condos


Gordon McCall Among First to Move into Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 548 Monterey Motorsport Park

The McCall name is synonymous with motorsports on the Monterey Peninsula. Gordon McCall and his wife, Molly, co-host the breathtaking McCall’s Motorworks Revival gala at the Monterey Jet Center to kick off Monterey Car Week every August. In addition, Gordon McCall is a co-founder of The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering — held at the end…

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Luxury Garage Condos in High Gear from Silicon Valley to the Monterey Peninsula

800 441 Monterey Motorsport Park

It’s a nationwide trend that’s only accelerating. Luxury garage-condos are in high demand as car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts seek tailor-made facilities to store their cars and spend leisure time with friends, family and associates with similar interests. Some of these complexes include a large clubhouse and host social activities for members and business owners…

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Escrows Closing, First Owners Ready to Move In at Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 465 Monterey Motorsport Park

After a busy year of meticulous construction by general contractor and co-developer, SWENSON, Monterey Motorsport Park has begun opening in phases. The first building of the distinctive four-building, 90,000-sq. ft. complex is complete. Escrows are closing and owners have been green-lighted to move into their luxurious garage-condos and customize their units to suit specific needs…

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Monterey Motorsport Park to Feature Next-Generation Proactive Remote Guarding Service

1000 525 Monterey Motorsport Park

Many people think alarms are the best way to protect their valuables, such as an expensive car collection. Theoretically, a thief hearing an alarm will stop trying to break in. But theory and practice don’t always agree. That’s why Monterey Motorsport Park decided to install the next generation of Proactive Remote Guarding security solutions from…

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Monterey Motorsport Park Addresses Home Garages’ Disappearing Act

1024 452 Monterey Motorsport Park

It’s happening all around the Monterey Bay area. In quaint little cottages on the beach in Carmel. Rustic coastal cabins in Santa Cruz. And especially, in new high-density housing that’s being built in response to soaring land values. Home garages are pulling a disappearing act. Anywhere living space is at a premium, the first thing…

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These aren’t your typical garages. They’re stylish with modern clean lines. Stone treatments. Entry canopies. Plus, you get a roomy, customizable mezzanine 14 feet above the garage floor.