The next evolution of garage-condos


On the Road to New Luxury Garage Condos

1024 621 Monterey Motorsport Park

Monterey Motorsport Sellout — Highlighted by Final 2 Leased Units Selling Within 3 Weeks — Fuels Next Generation Coming to Market Northern California automobile enthusiasts have been in the driver’s seat of a trend that’s accelerating across the nation: luxury car condos. And now that the final two garage condos at Monterey Motorsport Park  —…

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One-of-a-Kind Opportunity!

900 600 Monterey Motorsport Park

Final Two Suites at Monterey Motorsport Available Due to Tenant Moving On  After months with every unit spoken for, two prime suites have suddenly opened up at Monterey Motorsport Park. View brochure for floor plan. Because a small business that was leasing the garage condos with an option to buy has unexpectedly outgrown them, this is…

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Owner Interviews

1000 569 Monterey Motorsport Park

We missed you during Car Week this year, and look forward to seeing you next year! For now please enjoy these fantastic interviews with new unit owners at Monterey Motorsport Park.

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Final Weeks (or Days!): Just 7 of 86 Units Left at Monterey Motorsport Park

1024 536 Monterey Motorsport Park

Remember a month ago when there were only 15 luxury garage-condos remaining at Monterey Motorsport Park? Scratch that. There are now just 7 left. That’s right, 7! So, when we say you have very little time if you want to join this unique upscale car community and garage-condo complex adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport, it’s…

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Telco Business Solutions Named Preferred Provider of Phones and IT Support

1024 574 Monterey Motorsport Park

Telco Business Solutions — an end-to-end communications and networking company based in Monterey, with more than 20 years of business technology expertise — has been selected as the preferred provider of telephones and a full spectrum of IT support for owners and tenants at Monterey Motorsport Park. “We’re committed to working closely with owners to…

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These aren’t your typical garages. They’re stylish with modern clean lines. Stone treatments. Entry canopies. Plus, you get a roomy, customizable mezzanine 14 feet above the garage floor.


New Project

Monterey Bay Business Center will be located adjacent to the currently under construction Dunes Promenade development by Shea Homes, in Marina, California
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