The next evolution of garage-condos


Collectibles Soaring in Popularity and Value

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Passion investing — putting a percentage of your wealth into something you love — has become highly popular over the past decade or so. The concept is so well accepted that many investment advisors suggest that their clients allocate a fixed percentage — perhaps 15 to 20% of their wealth — in this investment category.…

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Ladies (and Gents) – Take Your Garage Back!

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The humble garage. When it was first conceived, it seemed like a fine idea: an enclosed space in which to park the family cars and protect them from heat and cold, rain and the occasional passing seagull. But somewhere along the way, the idea of a traditional attached garage has been run off the road.…

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Progress Continuing Even With Losing Two-Thirds of a Month to Rain

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February is one of the rainy months in the Bay Area. But not THAT rainy! If you were keeping track at home, yes indeed, 19 of February’s 28 days were wet. That’s more than two-thirds of the month. And yet, the crews assembled by co-developer and general contractor, SWENSON, managed to keep things steadily moving…

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Single Post Lifts: Maximize Your Garage-Condo Space…Minimize Your Investment

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As a collector, you’ve hopefully discovered that Monterey Motorsport Park — located adjacent to the Monterey airport — offers the ideal solution to the challenge of finding a convenient place to securely store your cars, where you can easily enjoy and work on them and share your hobby with other auto enthusiasts. But it’s only…

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Monterey Motorsport Park: Accessible For Car Enthusiasts of All Abilities

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If you’re a collector or car enthusiast who has a physical disability, Monterey Motorsport Park is offering a selection of car-condo units designed to fully meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Units 9B, 15C and 16C all offer the following accommodations: An ADA-compliant lift that enables you to easily reach the…

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These aren’t your typical garages. They’re stylish with modern clean lines. Stone treatments. Entry canopies. Plus, you get a roomy, customizable mezzanine 14 feet above the garage floor.