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Monterey Motorsport Sellout — Highlighted by Final 2 Leased Units Selling Within 3 Weeks — Fuels Next Generation Coming to Market

Northern California automobile enthusiasts have been in the driver’s seat of a trend that’s accelerating across the nation: luxury car condos.

And now that the final two garage condos at Monterey Motorsport Park  — which unexpectedly came to market when the business leasing them outgrew the units and moved — sold and closed in under three weeks, the question is: what’s next?

New Garage Condos Expected to be Green-lighted Soon

The answer: developers Borelli Investment Company, Swenson, and Gordon McCall are currently pursuing new opportunities in both Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties — and are open to suggestions about other Northern California locations. One luxury garage-condo community is already undergoing entitlements in the Scotts Valley area. Another site is being explored in Monterey County. According to the early plans on the drawing board, both communities will offer upscale garage condos ranging from approximately 700 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft.

Owners are setting their onboard navigation for these upscale complexes of innovatively decked-out garage suites thanks to amenities such as spacious mezzanines that can be customized into offices or leisure retreats. The complexes will also feature eye-catching exteriors, large roll-up doors for moving vehicles in and out, soaring ceilings to 25 feet, high-speed Internet service options, security safeguards in fully fenced and gated communities, and more.

This will result in dynamic, motorsports-driven communities where like-minded collectors, amateur track drivers and enthusiasts — plus selected complementary businesses — gather to store their cars, watch race broadcasts and hang with friends while wrenching on their prized possessions.

Mapping the Success Stories

In recent years, Northern California car aficionados as well as a wide variety of other individuals and businesses have quickly snapped up all of the available units at four fabulous garage-condo facilities:

  • Monterey Motorsport Park 86 garage condos totaling 90,000 sq. ft. of space in a four-building complex along Highway 68, adjacent to the Monterey Regional Airport. Approximately 50% of the luxury garage condos were presold, with the rest remarkably selling throughout the spring and summer of 2020, even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Garage Unlimited of Monterey 46 garage condos totaling 65,000 sq. ft., set on a bluff in Ryan Ranch in Monterey. Garage Unlimited of Monterey was the first upscale car community of its kind on the Monterey Peninsula. Fully 60% of the complex was presold prior to the groundbreaking in March of 2016, with the remaining units sold in record time within a year.
  • Club Auto Sport Northern California’s premier car-driven community and club totaling 120,000 sq.ft.. Located in Silicon Valley, Club Auto Sport features 84 car condos built around a stunning 10,000 sq. ft. ballroom-like clubhouse — with 20-foot window walls and high-gloss granite floors. The units sold out in 2015 to a mix of private car collectors and auto-related businesses.
  • Garage Unlimited of Santa Cruz The first garage condo project outside of the San Jose metro area. Offered 52 garage condos — all completely sold out.

Get Your Position on the Starting Line

With inquiries about the availability of new garage-condo units continuing to be received weekly, what should the dedicated collector or motorsports enthusiast do?

Contact us now to get on our waitlist, and we’ll fill you in on all the details. There’s no obligation, of course. We’d love to meet you (virtually), talk about what you’re looking for and figure out how we can best work together to address your needs.

Plus, if you have ideas about other locations we should explore for future garage-condo communities, feel free to reach out with your recommendations.

Learn More

To schedule an in-person, guided tour of any of our sold-out garage-condo communities or get more information about our upcoming projects, please call or email us.


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