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1000 569 Monterey Motorsport Park

We missed you during Car Week this year, and look forward to seeing you next year! For now please enjoy these fantastic interviews with new unit owners at Monterey Motorsport Park.

Final Weeks (or Days!): Just 7 of 86 Units Left at Monterey Motorsport Park

1024 536 Monterey Motorsport Park

Remember a month ago when there were only 15 luxury garage-condos remaining at Monterey Motorsport Park?

Scratch that. There are now just 7 left. That’s right, 7!

So, when we say you have very little time if you want to join this unique upscale car community and garage-condo complex adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport, it’s not marketing hype. You literally have perhaps a few weeks — or possibly just days — to secure your unit.

Take a Virtual Tour Right Now

Want to take a quick look around the complex, but don’t have the time this week? You can start by watching this new video.

We’ll take you on a virtual walking tour of Monterey Motorsport Park. Access-controlled front gate. Wide drive aisles. Large roll-up doors in every unit. On-site car wash. Electric charging stations. Community restrooms with showers. And so much more.

There are plenty of other virtual tools, videos and still images of the community — as well as photos of several of the garage-condo units — on our website as well.

Schedule a Personal On-site Tour

Once you’ve seen the community through the magic of video, you need to get out here. Right away! It’s August — the best month of the year on the Monterey Peninsula. Choose a broker from our list below and enjoy a safe, socially distanced on-site tour of the remaining units.

You won’t believe how cool this place is! Just look at these first-class features and amenities:

  • An eye-catching profile with stone wall treatments, plenty of glass, and canopies over some entrances — tucked up against the oak-studded hillside
  • Four buildings — two with all units already sold or in escrow — with a handful of garage-condos in the other two buildings ranging from just under 700 sq. ft. to slightly over 1,950 sq. ft. Check out the remaining units here.
  • Ceilings that soar to 25 feet, with large roll-up doors to easily move vehicles in and out — and a walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor that are the “secret sauce” of this unique facility — owners are customizing these spaces into personal offices or plush leisure retreats with TVs, wet bars and more
  • High-speed business Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone
  • Secure, fully fenced with access-controlled gates and an innovative proactive, video-based remote guarding service

Don’t Wait!

Call today and speak with any of our brokers to set up your on-site visit:

Telco Business Solutions Named Preferred Provider of Phones and IT Support

1024 574 Monterey Motorsport Park

Telco Business Solutions — an end-to-end communications and networking company based in Monterey, with more than 20 years of business technology expertise — has been selected as the preferred provider of telephones and a full spectrum of IT support for owners and tenants at Monterey Motorsport Park.

“We’re committed to working closely with owners to install the latest technology, as you build out your luxury garage-condo unit,” says Bruce Feinberg, vice president of sales. “We have everything you need — Internet packages, phone systems, cameras, security systems for individual units, and much more — all installed in a highly professional manner. Our local, personal and solution-oriented focus differentiates us from other competitors in the IT field.”

Ideal Solutions for Business or Personal Needs

Telco Business Solutions offers a variety of hosted and on-premise phone systems for business or demanding personal use. The feature-rich options include everything from voicemail to fax solutions, as well as smart functionality such as cell phone “follow me and find me” capabilities — plus VoIP services that can significantly reduce overall telecommunications costs.

The company partners with Comcast to offer a range of Internet packages and complementary services including website creation, development and hosting — as well as remote backup and storage to protect your vital applications and data.

Owners can choose from five Comcast business packages starting at download speeds of 35 Mbps and going all the way up to ultra-high-speed 1 Gigabit downloads. A number of the full-featured plans include Comcast Business SecurityEdge protection against cybersecurity threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnet infections, and 4G LTE backup services. Check out this info sheet for more details.

“Our management and staff have many years of experience delivering expert service to businesses and individuals on the Monterey Peninsula, as well as in Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties,” Feinberg remarks. “We look forward to designing and installing the perfect communications and IT solution for your needs.”

More information about Telco Business Solutions is at Or you can contact Bruce Feinberg at, or phone (831) 656-8811.

Move-Ins Continuing at Rapid Pace

Opening just a few months ago, Monterey Motorsport Park is rapidly filling up — keeping suppliers such as Telco Business Solutions on their toes. Already, more than 80% of the 86 total garage-condo units in the complex have been sold. And based on the increasing volume of tours taking place, the remaining inventory won’t last long.

Buyers can choose from units ranging from about 700 sq. ft. to just under 2,000 sq. ft., with many luxury amenities:

  • An attractive exterior set against the tree-studded hillside, with buildings featuring plenty of glass, stone wall treatments and canopies over some entrances
  • Soaring ceilings to 25 feet, with a large roll-up door for easily moving your vehicles in and out — and a walk-in door for you and your guests
  • A spacious mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor — perfect to customize into a personal office or plush retreat with large-screen TV, wet bar and more
  • A secure, fenced facility with access-controlled gates and an innovative proactive, video-based remote guarding solution for the complex
  • On-site car wash, EV charging stations, compressed air and water, and community restrooms with showers

Conact our Brokerage Team to Arrange a Tour

Yes, you can tour the Monterey Motorsport Park complex right now! We’re accepting reservations for individual tours guided by our brokers — following all local public health guidelines for social distancing and proper hygiene.

With the selection of garage-condos dwindling so quickly, you don’t want to postpone this any longer. If you have any interest in joining our community and solving your storage needs for your car collection, wine collection or other personal and business storage needs, make an appointment right away to see this amazing facility.

Contact one of our brokers today!

Only 15 of 86 Units Remain at Monterey Motorsport Park

1024 559 Monterey Motorsport Park

Luxury Garage-Condo Facility Heading into Home Lap

The sales momentum continues to surge. Monterey Motorsport Park — a unique garage-condo complex and upscale car community now open adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport — is picking up speed as it heads into the home lap.

Any buyers waiting for a slowdown due to the coronavirus may want to reconsider. And quickly!

“We’ve seen a steady stream of sales since the complex opened and people got their paperwork together and arranged for financing, if needed,” says Ralph N. Borelli, co-founder and co-managing partner of the development. “Nearly two dozen units closed between the announcement of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order in mid-March and June 1st. That pace has continued right up to the present — and if anything, it is accelerating.”

Past Prospects Returning to Rev Up Sales

Several people who were in serious discussions a number of months ago before walking away, have recently returned to purchase units. It’s becoming clear that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing — and people who want to be a part of this one-of-a-kind motorsports and car collector community don’t have much time left to make up their minds.

Caution: Price Increase Directly Ahead

Here’s one more motivation for those on the fence: Monterey Motorsport Park has announced that prices for the garage-condos will increase on August 1st. So, if you want to get in at current levels, you have just a few weeks left to choose your unit and sign the paperwork.

High-End Features and Amenities

If you’ve heard about Monterey Motorsport Park, but haven’t yet taken a close look — the community is nothing like your typical garage or storage facility. Just look at these top-of-the-line features and amenities:

  • An eye-catching profile with stone wall treatments, plenty of glass, and canopies over some entrances — tucked up against the oak-studded hillside
  • Four buildings — two with all units already sold out or in escrow — with garage-condos in the other two buildings ranging from about 700 sq. ft. to around 1,375 sq. ft.
  • Ceilings that soar to 25 feet, with large roll-up doors to easily move vehicles in and out — and a walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor that are the “secret sauce” of this unique facility — owners are customizing these spaces into personal offices or plush leisure retreats with TVs, wet bars and more
  • High-speed business Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone
  • Secure, fully fenced with access-controlled gates and an innovative proactive, video-based remote guarding solution

Step on It…Before the Selection Is Gone

It’s getting close to last call if you want to mix and mingle with the fascinating array of people who have purchased units at Monterey Motorsport Park. You still have some options with your choice of units, but the selection is dwindling. For more information, contact any member of our brokerage team right away:

Dale Seal: A Garage for his Carmel Home in a Special Car Community

909 509 Monterey Motorsport Park

Dale Seal is president of Sun Pacific Products, Inc. For more than three decades, he’s built Sun Pacific into an international food marketing company that provides a wide variety of industrial food products such as tomato and citrus products, a unique apricot purée, olive oil, garlic, and even pineapple products to customers such as fast food restaurants. Headquartered in Fresno, the company also has offices in Mexico and China.

Since the mid-1990s, Seal has split his time between his family home in Fresno and a home he bought and renovated in Carmel’s “Golden Rectangle.” Unfortunately, although his plans called for an expanded garage to store his small, but growing, car collection, the plans were rejected by the city.

Carmel’s first schoolteacher originally owned Seal’s Carmel residence in the village, and sometimes taught school there. So, as a historic structure, any changes had to be consistent with historic preservation guidelines — leaving Seal with just enough garage space to park his compact Fiat Abarth sports car.

Perfect Garage Solution

But with the opening of Monterey Motorsport Park, a unique garage-condo complex and car-driven community along Highway 68 adjacent to the Monterey airport, Seal has finally found the perfect solution.

“One of my biggest problems has been storing track cars that I like to drive at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, as well as other cars in my collection,” says Seal.

Monterey Motorsport Park is the ideal garage solution — giving me the storage space I need, plus room for a driving simulator and other “man cave” amenities.

Dale Seal

Seal purchased his first garage-condo in Building D when the community was initially announced. But after moving his car collection into the unit when it opened earlier this year, he realized that, at 686 sq. ft., it was a bit too small for his needs.

“I decided to lease the unit to another user — it only took two days to find someone who really wanted my garage-condo,” Seal comments. “Then, I purchased another larger unit with nearly 1,000 sq. ft. in Building B.”

Seal is using the same builder who renovated his Carmel home to customize his new garage-condo unit with a sink with running water and a leisure retreat in the unique mezzanine 13-feet above the garage floor — built out with a refrigerator, comfortable seating area, driving simulator, and big-screen TV.

It’s a home away from home for me. In addition, I’m in a row with several other people from Fresno who have ties to the Monterey Peninsula and also bought garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park. We call our stretch of units ‘Fresno Alley.

Dale Seal

People Make the Community

But what really makes Monterey Motorsport Park special is the people. “I’ve met a number of the owners and everyone is really nice.  There are so many car people and the owners are all willing to help out if you need anything.”

Seal continues, “It’s a really special environment — safe, spotless and well managed. I’m so happy we were able to find a place.”

In addition, Seal cites Monterey Motorsport Park’s location as a key selling point for him.

“It’s close to Monterey Regional Airport, so you can fly in and fly out. It’s also close to the raceway, minutes up Highway 68. And I’m a golfer, so the community puts me minutes from the club I play at. I can drop off a car, play a round, and then come back and hang out at the garage. What could be better?”

To learn more about Sun Pacific Products, visit

Less than 20% of our Garage-Condos Units Remain

If you’re interested in joining this unique car community on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, you no longer have time to wait. All of our remaining garage-condos are available for tours — in full compliance with local public health regulations. But the selection is rapidly dwindling. Building A is already sold out. And inventory is declining steadily in the other three buildings.

  • A total of just 86 stunning garage-condos — with available units from around 700 sq. ft. to a unique 1960 sq. ft. double-unit in Building B
  • A spacious mezzanine in every unit, customizable into a personal office or plush retreat
  • Oversized rollup doors for easy vehicle access
  • Walk-in doors for comfortable entry for you and your guests
  • 24×7 proactive video monitoring, plus access-controlled entry gates and security lighting
  • High-speed, fiber optic Internet options for TV and VoIP phone service
  • On-site car wash, EV charging stations, compressed air and water, and community restrooms with showers
  • Garage-condos available for personal or business use

Reach out to our brokerage team today to arrange a time to see this incredible facility for yourself:

IRS-Recognized Cost Segregation Drives Faster Tax Write-Offs at Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 555 Monterey Motorsport Park

New CARES Act Bonus Depreciation Can Save You Thousands!

Cost segregation has long been available at Monterey Motorsport Park. This IRS-recognized practice of classifying a building’s components — minus land costs — in 5-year, 15-year and 39-year property lets buyers accelerate tax deductions by writing off substantially more in the first few years, when out-of-pocket cash outlays are likely to be the highest.

Now, with the passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and its reinstatement of 100% Bonus Depreciation for qualified property with a depreciation period of 15 years or less, you can use cost segregation to legitimately save thousands of dollars more in out-of-pocket costs in year one.

Take a 1st Year Write-off of Nearly 30%!

Traditionally, business property has been assigned a useful life of 39 years. Owners deduct the cost of a property — minus 20% or so for the land’s value — over four decades. However, relying on a detailed engineering analysis by a highly qualified expert, Monterey Motorsport Park’s cost-segregation study breaks down the building’s (and individual units’) value into 5-year, 15-year and 39-year components.

Shorter-life components include personal property such as carpeting, cabinets and wall coverings — as well as land improvements such as paving, concrete, fences, interior partitions, electrical, and plumbing. Until just a few months ago, these might have totaled up to about one-sixth of a garage-condo’s value.

But now, with the adoption of the CARES Act and its 100% Bonus Depreciation for so-called qualified improvement property (QIP) of up to 15 years, your first-year tax write-off will be approximately 29.5% of the purchase price of your unit. An almost 30% tax benefit in the first year! An extraordinary opportunity that will make your purchase at this one-of-a-kind complex that much more affordable on an after-tax basis.

Upheld in IRS Reviews and Audits

Cost segregation, backed by comprehensive engineering studies, has been upheld repeatedly in IRS reviews and audits over many, many years. This is not some high-risk, only-for-the-most-daring scheme. It’s a proven, practical technique your CPA will thoroughly understand.

Want to learn more and have something you can share with your CPA? Download our free, informative cost-segregation white paper — written with input from a CPA and based on a cost-segregation study by our expert engineering consultant. There’s no obligation.

Garage-Condo Sales Accelerating — Even Before the CARES Act Bonus

Monterey Motorsport Park closings haven’t been slowed by any COVID-19 uncertainty. Sales are approaching the 75% mark — meaning that your choice of units is rapidly narrowing. The complex is open and many owners have already moved in. In addition, new tours are keeping our brokers busy.

One important note: To qualify for 100% Bonus Depreciation under the CARES Act, you need to occupy your unit by year’s end. That may seem a long way off, but there’s a lot to do in a relatively short time. Tour and choose your unit. Arrange for the purchase. Qualify for financing or assemble the cash. Customize your mezzanine space and perhaps install a restroom, custom cabinets, sink with running water, wet bar, and anything else you desire. And of course, move in. You don’t want to miss the December 31st deadline!

To learn more and set up an appointment for a first-hand look at these unique, luxury garage-condos, contact any of our brokers:

Slowing Real Estate Market? Not on the Monterey Peninsula

1024 497 Monterey Motorsport Park

The coronavirus shutdown put the brakes on segments of the economy in large swaths across the nation. But not real estate on the Monterey Peninsula.

An article in the Carmel Pine Cone declared, “There’s a real estate boom underway on the Monterey Peninsula, with local realtors saying they are as busy as ever and prices are staying high.”

Zooming in on the Isolation

Driving the demand is a move by people who have been living and working in the City or Silicon Valley, and with the help of Zoom and other remote workplace tools, are leaving these more densely populated areas for the relative isolation, unhurried small-town lifestyle, and might we add — beauty — of the Monterey Peninsula.

“We’re seeing an increase in buyers from the San Francisco Bay Area who realize they can now work from home, so why wouldn’t they want to live on the Monterey Peninsula full time?” says Courtney Jones of Carmel Realty. “These people want to get out of the City and high-priced San Jose Metro area and are looking to rural areas such as Carmel, Carmel Valley and Pebble Beach. Well-priced properties are selling…and selling quickly.”

Specialty Storage Complements the Local Lifestyle

While the Monterey Peninsula offers exactly what city dwellers desire in today’s environment, there can be a bit of a surprise in terms of space.

Top executives and technology entrepreneurs “want properties with privacy, yard space, gardens, a home office or gym, and even a pool,” Jones remarks. Getting everything can be a challenge in space-constrained areas such as Carmel village. In addition, garage space can be an issue anywhere on the peninsula for car collectors or those who have both family cars and a handful of exotic or track cars that need to be safely and securely stored.

Monterey Motorsport Park’s luxury garage-condos provide the perfect complement. Ranging from around 700 to 2,100 sq. ft., these upscale, specialty storage units easily accommodate car collections of any size, extra furniture and belongings when downsizing from a sprawling Silicon Valley property to, say, a quaint Carmel residence — plus room for an office or personal fitness gym for daily workouts. Luxury features and amenities include:

  • A stylish design that’s nothing like a mini-storage facility — set against rolling, oak-studded hills with plenty of glass and canopies over some entrances
  • Soaring ceilings to 25 feet, with large roll-up doors to easily get your cars in and out — and a walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor — this is where owners are customizing their personal offices or plush retreats for leisure hours
  • Options for high-speed Internet, TV and VoIP phone service
  • All contained within a secure, fenced facility with access-controlled gates and an innovative proactive, video-based remote guarding solution

Garage-Condo Sales as Hot as the Homes

But here’s the thing — these unique, upscale garage-condos in a one-of-a-kind car community are zooming as well. Since the coronavirus shutdown on March 16th, 23 buyers have closed on sales. Roughly 75% of the units are already gone. And the rest won’t last long.

So, if you’re thinking of moving to the Monterey Peninsula and you need some additional high-end garage or storage space — OR, if you’ve been sitting in pit row watching the sales race by, waiting for the right time to buy at Monterey Motorsport Park — now is the time!!

Contact our brokerage team for further information or to schedule a socially distanced, approved tour of this stunning property. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.

* Special thanks to Courtney Jones of Carmel Realty.  If you’re interested in seeing properties in Carmel, Carmel Valley or Pebble Beach, email, or call (831) 233-4839.  BRE #01806907

Double the Fun!

1024 520 Monterey Motorsport Park

Two Rare Double Units Available at Monterey Motorsport Park

You asked for it. And now, we’re happy to report that we’ve just customized two — two! — double units at Monterey Motorsport Park. Units 7/8 in Building B. And Units 12/13 in Building D. See unit plans here.

Building B – Units 7/8 – 1,960 sq. ft. – 50-foot width, maximum

Building D – Units 12/13 – 1,372 sq. ft. sq. ft. – 35-foot width, maximum

Working with co-developer and contractor, SWENSON, we’ve opened up the demising walls — creating a 10×10-foot passage way between the garage-condos to create these much-sought-after double units. Both double garage-condos will feature two large roll-up doors — 14×14 feet each in Units 7/8B, and 12-feet wide x 14-feet high in each of the two units in 12/13D. That’s in addition to convenient walk-in doors for you and your guests.

These double units, with the double roll-up doors, offer exceptional manueverability when you’re moving vehicles into and out of your garage-condo. In addition, having double the mezzanine space gives you additional room to create a leisure retreat or personal office upstairs, or use part of the space for your office or retreat, and the rest for needed storage.

Plus, with all that space on the garage floor, you can easily add a restroom, utilty room or downstairs storage — whatever you want to build. And of course, there’s ample ground-floor room for a larger collection of cars, work area, parts storage, cabinets, or what have you.

Upscale Features and Amenities

Why are so many car people reserving a spot in this unique community? The simple answer is: there’s nothing else like it — and may never be again. The challenge of finding the right property, with water rights, and navigating the lengthy permitting process makes this a rare find indeed.

On top of that, everything at Monterey Motorsport Park is first class. Here are just a few of the high-end features and amenities: See more photos here

  • Stylish, attractive exteriors with stone wall treatments, plenty of glass and canopies above some entrances
  • A fully fenced complex — with access-controlled entry, video surveillance and proactive remote guarding services
  • Soaring ceilings in each unit to as much as 25 feet
  • Mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase, which can be customized into a luxurious retreat or a personal office
  • Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone service

Sales Accelerating into Summer

If you’re interested in either of these rare doubles, better step on it…because sales are surging as summer arrives. With recently closings, the remaining space has dwindled to approximately 30%. So, there’s still decent selection remaining right now…but that likely won’t last long.

Contact one of our brokers immediately for more information or to arrange an on-site tour:

Swimming Against the Tide

1000 516 Monterey Motorsport Park

Sales Are Impressive at Monterey Motorsport Park — 23 Units Closed Since Mid-March Stay-at-Home Order

The COVID-19 stay-at-home order certainly created a “new normal” — to borrow an extremely overused phrase. But the “new normal” at Monterey Motorsport Park is the opposite of what you may think it would be.

Picture powerful waves rolling in against the tide on the beautiful Monterey coastline. That’s what’s happening at this upscale garage-condo facility and one-of-a-kind car community.

Accelerating Pace of Sales and In-Person Tours

Sales at Monterey Motorsport Park are strong. Very strong. Since the Bay Area’s stay-at-home orders were first issued on March 16th, buyers have closed on 23 of the luxury garage-condos.

And now that real estate sales activities are once again permitted, in-person tours have leaped ahead. Last week, the three brokers representing the project conducted nine tours in ten days. That’s a lot of potential new buyers, especially considering that approximately two-thirds of the 86 garage-condos are already spoken for.

As an investor, if you look at the real estate market, the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly impacted retail and hospitality, with so many stores and restaurants shut down. Office space has also been impacted as employees work from home. But industrial — such as warehouses — has seen demand actually increase. And very scarce specialty industrial, such as these garage-condos, has never been stronger.

First-Class Features and Amenities

The four-building Monterey Motorsport Park complex — with garage-condo units ranging from about 700 to 2,100 sq. ft. — provides an extraordinary array of luxury features and amenities:

  • A stylish profile with stone wall treatments, plenty of glass, and canopies over some entrances — set against the rolling hillside, so it’s completely unlike any other storage facility you’ve ever seen
  • Soaring ceilings to 25 feet, with 14’x14’ roll-up doors in most units for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a walk-in door for the convenience of you and your guests
  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor that owners are customizing into a personal office or plush retreat with large-screen TV, wet bar and more for leisure hours
  • Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone service
  • A secure, fenced facility with access-controlled gates and an innovative proactive, video-based remote guarding solution

Time to Put Your Plans into Gear — Less Than 30% Remaining

If you’ve been thinking at all about joining this unique community and mingling with the fascinating group of collectors, auto enthusiasts and motorsports fans — or locating a small, low-traffic business here — you simply can’t afford to put things off any longer. Less than 30% of the space remains. Any delay places you in serious danger of missing out entirely.

Contact any member of our brokerage team now — to get more information and arrange for a walking tour of this beautiful property and the breathtaking garage-condos. You’ve never seen anything like this. Make the call today!

Father’s Day Weekend Open House

1024 486 Monterey Motorsport Park


Join Us at Monterey Motorsport Park on Saturday, June 20th from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

You’ve heard about it. You may even know someone who’s purchased a luxury garage-condo at the Monterey Peninsula’s most talked-about community for collectors and auto enthusiasts. Perhaps it’s Gordon McCall. Or one of dozens of others who are so excited to locate their small business or hobby — or simply spend some of their leisure time — here.

Now, you and your significant other have the perfect excuse to get out of the house and make the short drive up Highway 68 toward WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport, on Father’s Day weekend to see the place first-hand.  All activities will be in compliance with county guidelines.

  • Food and beverages
  • Fully furnished sales model
  • Meet Gordon McCall and tour his suite
  • Broker-led tours of the full complex

Sales Momentum Is Strong — Only 30% of Units Remain

There’s another big reason why you shouldn’t postpone your tour of Monterey Motorsport Park any longer. We’ve closed more than 20 sales since mid-March when the shelter-at-home orders came out — and now only 30% of the space remains. So, you need to get over here right away, see the complex in person and choose your favorite unit while you still can.


Better yet — don’t wait until Father’s Day! Go to our website, check out all the videos, photos and virtual sales tools, and arrange a tour today with a member of our brokerage team: