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Monterey Motorsport Park

Father’s Day Weekend Open House

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Join Us at Monterey Motorsport Park on Saturday, June 20th from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

You’ve heard about it. You may even know someone who’s purchased a luxury garage-condo at the Monterey Peninsula’s most talked-about community for collectors and auto enthusiasts. Perhaps it’s Gordon McCall. Or one of dozens of others who are so excited to locate their small business or hobby — or simply spend some of their leisure time — here.

Now, you and your significant other have the perfect excuse to get out of the house and make the short drive up Highway 68 toward WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport, on Father’s Day weekend to see the place first-hand.  All activities will be in compliance with county guidelines.

  • Food and beverages
  • Fully furnished sales model
  • Meet Gordon McCall and tour his suite
  • Broker-led tours of the full complex

Sales Momentum Is Strong — Only 30% of Units Remain

There’s another big reason why you shouldn’t postpone your tour of Monterey Motorsport Park any longer. We’ve closed more than 20 sales since mid-March when the shelter-at-home orders came out — and now only 30% of the space remains. So, you need to get over here right away, see the complex in person and choose your favorite unit while you still can.


Better yet — don’t wait until Father’s Day! Go to our website, check out all the videos, photos and virtual sales tools, and arrange a tour today with a member of our brokerage team:

Airport Hangars No Longer a Viable Alternative for Storing your Car Collection

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Flying in the Face of an FAA Order

Owners searching for places to store vintage and collector cars, race or high-performance track cars, or exotics have explored almost every option. Once you run short of space in your own or your friends’ garages, and realize that self-storage facilities are a really poor option for storing cars, what do you do?

For some, the sky’s the limit. This has caused a number of collectors and car owners to turn to excess hangar space. But due to enforcement of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 5190.6B, space likely won’t be available much longer at Monterey Regional Airport.

What is FAA Order 5190.6B?

FAA Order 5190.6B defines the responsibilities airport sponsors have when they accept federal airport grants. In short, it clearly states that aviation facilities must be reserved for aeronautical uses. This includes language that declares, “The primary purpose of an aircraft hangar is aircraft storage.” Basically, the FAA believes that when aircraft are kept in hangars, they are better maintained and therefore safer.

Specifically prohibited under the order is “car and motorcycle storage.” Airport sponsors are directed to “monitor the use of hangars on the airport and take steps to prevent unapproved non-aeronautical uses.”

While airport sponsors still have the discretion to manage their excess hangar space and allow limited non-aeronautical storage, this can’t “interfere with the aeronautical use of the hangar.” Airports that fail to comply with the FAA order risk losing substantial federal funding.

Santa Monica Airport an Exception

But, you say, you’ve heard that car collectors from the upscale communities in West LA rent hangar space at the Santa Monica Airport. That’s true, for now. The airport rents excess hangar space not only for car storage, but also for corporate events, shows, concerts, and even movie shoots.

But that’s about to end. Because the Santa Monica city council — following years of legal battles and protests — has reached an agreement with the FAA to wind down airport operations no later than 2028, and possibly much earlier. The city has already received approval to shorten the runway to limit jet flights. Santa Monica will use the 227-acre property for a park, recreation facilities and more.

Clearance Rescinded in Monterey

In Monterey, the situation is completely different from Santa Monica’s. Hangar space that has been available at busy Monterey Regional Airport is now needed for aeronautical uses. So collectors and car owners that have been renting excess space are likely to be in search of a new place to touch down.

Monterey Motorsport Park on your Approach Path

As you look for new storage options, Monterey Motorsport Park should definitely be on the radar screen. The newly opened, exclusive, upscale garage-condo complex is located immediately adjacent to the airport along Highway 68.

Rather than storing your collection in big, open, sterile hangar space — you’ll be joining your friends and fellow auto enthusiasts in a tightknit, one-of-a-kind car community. Monterey Motorsport Park offers a total of only 86 luxury garage-condos ranging from just under 700 sq. ft. to about 2,100 sq. ft. of space. Amenities include:

  • A stylish design with modern clean lines, stone wall treatments and welcoming entry canopies for some units
  • Ceilings soaring up to 25 feet, with 14’x14’ or 12’x12’ roll-up doors for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a standard walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase. Owners are customizing these large, airy spaces into an office or personal retreat — with TV, sofa, wet bar, and more to enjoy their favorite races or sporting events
  • Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone service
  • Completely fenced complex with access-controlled entry gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding
  • More productive use of your monthly payments because you’ll be buying, not leasing, your unit — building potentially lucrative long-term equity
  • Ability to purchase as a small business to obtain significant tax advantages and extraordinary SBA financing at unheard-of interest rates. Ask for our CC&Rs.

Two-Thirds of Units Already Spoken For

Just months after Monterey Motorsport Park has opened, nearly two-thirds of the garage-condos are gone. So, if you want the best selection, you need to take off right away and set a course for this amazing facility.

Contact our brokerage team for more information or to arrange a tour at your convenience:

For Auto Enthusiasts, Nothing Compares with Monterey Motorsport Park

1024 536 Monterey Motorsport Park

Maxi-Benefits Compared to Mini-Storage

Monterey Peninsula residents love their cars — and cars love the Monterey Peninsula. Its windswept vistas. Steel-blue stretches of ocean. The magnificent, soaring heights of Big Sur and miles of winding back roads. Our local love affair with the automobile is further reinforced by Monterey Car Week, which will draw auto enthusiasts from around the world to the Monterey Peninsula when it returns in 2021.

But here’s the irony. For an area that reveres the car as much as we do, there aren’t enough places to safely and securely store these treasured vehicles. Many of the quaint cottages and homes in upscale communities such as Carmel have no garages. And many of the newer condos being built lately have minimal or no provisions for garages.

If you’ve ever considered mini-storage, you know that isn’t really an answer. Fortunately, with Monterey Motorsport Park now open, you have the perfect solution within this one-of-a-kind garage-condo community.

24-Hour Gated Entry, Proactive Remote Guarding, Easy Drive-In or Walk-In Access, Wall and Roof Insulation, and Unique Mezzanines

How does Monterey Motorsport Park compare with the typical mini-storage facility? The truth is — there’s no comparison!

Monterey Motorsport Park offers a total of 86 newly built, luxury garage-condos on a scale that dwarfs a mini-storage facility’s meager offerings. Soaring ceilings of up to 25 feet with inviting mezzanines that can be customized into comfy retreats or offices. Roll-up doors that range from 12’ x 12’ to 14’ x 14’ — plus a standard walk-in door in each unit. All in a fully fenced complex with access-controlled entrance gates, abundant lighting and proactive remote guarding by Elite Interactive Solutions.

Best Time to Buy

While you may have assumed exactly the opposite in our COVID-19 shelter-in-place world, there’s actually never been a better time to buy.

Interest rates are at unheard-of, historic lows. SBA financing is available for low-impact businesses interested in locating in a unique community of auto enthusiasts. Conventional financing is also available. And while sales closings remain steady even during these stay-at-home times — and approximately two-thirds of the units are already reserved — that still leaves an ample selection to choose from. But not for long!

Take advantage of the many virtual tools on our website — videos, photos and 3D virtual tours — to start exploring the Monterey Motorsport Park facility. Then, set up an in-person guided tour — with appropriate social distancing — led by a member of our brokerage team to see this stunning complex first-hand. Do it now — before the opportunity slips away for good.

Contact one of our brokers to learn more:

Fisheye Time-Lapse Gives Birds-Eye View of Monterey Motorsport Park

150 150 Monterey Motorsport Park

Fisheye Time-Lapse Gives Birds-Eye View of Monterey Motorsport Park

Need a fun break in your day while sheltering at home? Take a look at this cool video. In a little over a minute, you can watch Monterey Motorsport Park rise before your eyes.

The luxury garage-condo complex adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport wrapped major construction several months ago. And the 17-month effort by lead contractor, SWENSON, has been condensed into less than 70-seconds — with the help of a panoramic, fisheye lens.

Watch as:

  • SWENSON cuts and fills nearly 10,000 cubic yards of dirt
  • Completes all underground work including water, sewer, electricity, fire sprinkler water, and drainage that meets EPA standards for Storm Water Pollution
  • Pours more than 27,000 cubic feet of concrete
  • Lays over 17,000 cubic feet of asphalt
  • Raises the steel framing and walls and puts on the finishing touches

And all in just over one minute of your time!

Take a Few More Moments for a Closer Look

Once you’ve watched our time-lapse video, you might want to take a few more moments to explore the Monterey Peninsula’s newest luxury car condo facility online.

Check out our videos, photos, floor plans, and even a virtual tour. Here are just a few of the reasons that Monterey Motorsport Park is already two-thirds reserved.

  • Unique personal spaces in every garage-condo — Each unit features a spacious mezzanine 13 feet about the garage floor, which owners are converting into luxury leisure hideouts or off-hours offices. With ceilings of up to 25 feet in the garage-condos, these mezzanine lofts are both roomy and airy.
  • High-speed Internet connection options — The bandwidth you need for watching videos, downloading large files or running a small business. Check out our CC&Rs for business guidelines.
  • VoIP Phone-Cable TV — Enjoy Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service via your optional fiber-optic Internet connection. Plus, you can opt for cable TV access as well.
  • Ample security safeguards — A completely fenced perimeter with 24×7 access-controlled entrance gates, abundant lighting, and pro-active remote guarding from Elite Interactive Solutions — to stop break-ins before they occur.
  • EV charging, car wash and more— Conveniently charge your electric vehicle at the on-site charging stations, and take advantage of the on-site car wash, compressed air and water.
  • Restrooms and shower — There will be several owners restrooms on-site, including one with a shower for your use. Plus, you can connect with our water loop and waste line if you want to install your own private restroom or sink.

Don’t Wait — Units Are Going Fast!

Even in the current extraordinary environment, sales are continuing to close. With two-thirds of the units already spoken for, you don’t have long if you want the best selection. For more information, contact one of our brokers today:

Small Businesses Taking Advantage of SBA Loans and CARES Act Provisions at Monterey Motorsport

1000 503 Monterey Motorsport Park

First businesses moving into the newly opened car community

With construction complete, many owners are now rolling into Monterey Motorsport Park, the one-of-a-kind garage-condo complex and car community along Highway 68 adjacent to the Monterey airport.

Among the new owners are a variety of small local personal-service businesses, where the owners primarily need an office and either a shop or convenient space to store products or equipment (not to mention personal automobile or motorcycle collections). These Monterey Motorsport early birds include:

  • McCall Events — Gordon McCall’s business that organizes and hosts the elegant McCall’s Motorworks Revival event at the Jet Center during Monterey Car Week, as well as many other hot-ticket gatherings on the Monterey Peninsula.
  • A general contractor
  • An electrical subcontractor
  • A wine storage business
  • A high-end auto detailer
  • An ecommerce retailer

It’s anticipated that the next wave of businesses joining the many auto collectors and motorsports enthusiasts in the community will include next-generation auto sales brokers with wholesale or resale DMV licenses, high-end auto shops and other non-auto-related small businesses.

Businesses must be low-impact in terms of water usage, traffic, parking, and noise. Full CC&R requirements are available from the community’s brokerage team.

SBA Financing Makes Owning Your Garage-Condo Highly Affordable

Small Business Administration (SBA) financing — plus plunging interest rates and a key provision of the CARES Act — make now actually one of the best times to relocate your business to Monterey Motorsport Park, the opposite of what one might think.

Loan rates on 25-year fixed SBA loans have reached record lows of around 3% — and less than that for 20-year and 10-year SBA loans. In addition, a provision of the recently enacted CARES Act to help businesses through the COVID-19 crisis provides for up to six months of loan forgiveness without tax consequences for holders of SBA 504 loans. This can give you a good head start in covering your expenses until hopefully there’s clear light at the end of the tunnel. (Note: The six-month loan forgiveness feature is also available for SBA 7A loans, but these are typically second-choice options for individuals buying commercial real estate.)

Looming Deadline for Six Months of Loan Forgiveness

The SBA’s six-month loan payment relief program is only available for a very limited time. To ensure making the funding submission deadline of August 13th, your loan package needs to be received before the end of July. This means you need to tour the Monterey Motorsport Park community, choose your garage-condo unit and apply for SBA 504 financing to make your purchase — soon!

With an SBA 504 loan, you can make a down payment of as little as 10% and keep the rest of your capital working in your business. The rates are fixed and fully amortized, so there’s no balloon at the end. In addition, borrowers can hold multiple SBA loans at the same time, up to the SBA’s aggregate lending cap of $5 million. And now, you can get six months of loan payment relief!

Prequalifying Speeds Purchase Process

Monterey Motorsport Park’s preferred SBA lender, TMC Financing, can prequalify garage-condo buyers at Monterey Motorsport Park by reviewing three years of business and personal tax returns, interim business financial statements that are less than 90 days old, a schedule of any business debt, and a personal financial statement. Their experts can also walk you through the details about the CARES Act.

Because TMC partners with a bank on every SBA 504 transaction, the firm has solid relationships and understands the banking landscape. This can help TMC source the best lender to maximize your chances for quick approval for your loan. For additional information about using an SBA loan to purchase at Monterey Motorsport Park, email Bruce Whitaker at TMC Financing, or call (408) 483-9599.

Space Is Going Fast

Sales are continuing to close quickly at the complex, even in these unprecedented times. Approximately two-thirds of the garage-condos are sold or in escrow. Features include:

  • Units ranging from 700 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft., with ceilings of up to 25 feet and a spacious mezzanine to create a loft office or personal retreat 13 feet above the garage floor
  • Completely fenced layout — with access-controlled entry, video surveillance and pro-active remote guarding services
  • Oversized roll-up doors for easily moving vehicles and business products or supplies into and out of your garage-condo
  • A separate walk-in door for owners and guests
  • High-speed Internet and cable TV options for web access, VoIP phone and cable TV service

To learn more about Monterey Motorsport Park, contact one of our brokers or development team members below. We have a number of ways you can “tour” the community virtually and view our fully furnished sales model from the comfort of your own home. And of course, one of our brokers will be happy to meet you at the complex personally to tour the space — with appropriate social distancing and safety considerations as you walk the site.

Downsizing Challenges?

1000 494 Monterey Motorsport Park

Monterey Motorsport Park offers a wealth of options for couples that need more than mini-storage provides

It’s a similar story with many empty-nesters who have decided to downsize. How do you make that happen in the most efficient way possible?

  • Couple A raised their family in a large Bay Area home with a four- to six-car garage to accommodate their cherished, growing collection of classic cars.
  • Couple B had been using multiple mini-storage units to store their cars and other prized possessions, but their cars had been plagued by dust and much, much worse — putting them at risk.
  • Couple C is relocating from a large property with significant on-site storage to a much smaller property with less space for personal possessions.

An Upscale Car Community With Room for Everything

People who love their cars — or just have an overwhelming amount of personal or business storage — are finding that all roads lead to Monterey Motorsport Park.

Large or small collections. Classic cars. Track cars. Motorcycles. Furniture from a second or third home, or that your kids may need at some point. Collections of fine wine. Art and memorabilia of all kinds. Holiday displays. Keepsakes that you just can’t part with. Important business records. Anything and everything.

Monterey Motorsport Park has a garage-condo with your name on it.

Enter the pristine garage downstairs. You can easily move vehicles into and out of your unit, thanks to a large roll-up door (many are 14’x14’). Wrench on your vehicles and run them as needed without anycomplaints from neighbors. Shoot the breeze with other enthusiasts who may have helpful tips for maintenance and upkeep.

Head upstairs to the loft-like mezzanine. Set 13 feet above the garage floor, with plenty of vertical space due to ceilings as high as 25 feet, it’s easy to visualize how you can customize your mezzanine into a personal office or luxurious leisure-time getaway. Install a large-screen TV with cable and broadband options for watching major sports events and enjoying high-speed Internet access. Add a wet bar. Bring in comfy seating and a desk to get some light work done. The possibilities are limitless.

A Downsizing Solution That Adds Up

Monterey Motorsport Park is truly ideal for anyone who’s downsizing. Your new garage-condo can safely and securely store your car collection or whatever possessions simply won’t fit into your new home on the Monterey Peninsula. With units ranging from about 700 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft., you’ll find a garage-condo here that’s the perfect fit.

Two-Thirds of the Complex Sold-Out

Even in our current COVID-19-impacted environment, sales are continuing to close and units are going fast. Already approximately two-thirds of the 86 garage-condos are spoken for.

For more details about Monterey Motorsport Park and to explore the units using our virtual tools, contact our brokerage team:

Frank Darabont: Writing a New Script for his Love of Cars

1000 593 Monterey Motorsport Park

Frank Darabont is a well-known film director, screenwriter and producer who has received numerous nominations for Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Writers and Directors Guild honors, and many other awards. He wrote, produced and directed 2000 Best Picture nominee, The Green Mile, and 2007’s The Mist. And he also wrote and directed 1995 Best Picture nominee, The Shawshank Redemption.

Now, Frank has scripted a new road for his car-collecting hobby and love of motorsports — and it leads to a luxury garage-condo at Monterey Motorsport Park.

Let’s let the master storyteller himself tell you why he decided to become part of the Monterey Peninsula’s newest, most dynamic car community.

Missing Piece of the Puzzle

I love, love, love our new garage-condo at Monterey Motorsports Park! This unit was the missing puzzle piece in our lives. No hype — it’s a dream come true!

Frank Darabont

I’ve spent years wishing we could have our cars consolidated in one location, instead of spread all over in various storage places that were insufficient at best. (My wife’s 1989 560SL came back from a local place that claims to offer “professional” car storage with rat droppings in the trunk.)

Finally, after many years, I have achieved that dream of consolidation, thanks to this inspired and excellent new motorsports facility. I love having a place where I’ll have access to our cars year-round, any hour of the day or night, and now can be personally diligent about their care and maintenance.

The layout of the facility is beautifully conceived and executed. Inside, the garage-condos are clean and utilitarian, with excellent lighting and ventilation. I get claustrophobic in dark warehouse spaces, but not here. In fact our new unit is a revelation — it feels so open, welcoming and bright inside, a total change from what I’m used to.

And what a brilliant location on Highway 68! It’s the best location possible for anybody who lives on the Monterey Peninsula — you’re one minute from the airport and five minutes from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Real Sense of Community

All the people I’ve dealt with at Monterey Motorsports Park have been total pros — tremendously pleasant, immediately responsive, and real problem-solvers. And the neighbors I’ve met have all been terrific, friendly people. What a lovely bunch. There’s a real sense of community forming at Monterey Motorsports Park.

And speaking of problems being solved: besides finally having our cars in one place, the clever upstairs mezzanine in our new unit provides me with the huge bonus of being able to create an additional office away from home. (At home, I admit it’s all too easy for me to get distracted or lazy). A new dedicated workspace — another dream come true! Plus the new unit gives me additional storage space, which we’ve desperately needed.  

Last, but by no means, least — it’s wonderful to actually own a real property asset, instead of dumping money down a rental hole, year-in and year-out.

I couldn’t be more thrilled. This garage-condo is the best purchase we’ve made since we bought our house and moved to the Monterey Peninsula seven years ago.

Frank Darabont

Blockbuster Sales

With construction complete and owners like Frank Darabont moving in, sales have accelerated and selection is dwindling. Already, nearly two-thirds of the 84 units ranging from a cozy 700 sq. ft. to a spacious 2,100 sq. ft. have been sold or are in escrow. The garage-condos offer:

  • Breathtakingly fast fiber-optic Internet connection options for streaming video or downloading large files
  • Desirable security including a completely fenced perimeter, 24×7 access-controlled entrance gates, abundant lighting, and a proactive remote guarding service
  • Cable TV and phone service options
  • EV charging stations
  • On-site car wash, compressed air and water
  • Accessibility for many large rigs and trailers

To learn more about Monterey Motorsport Park or arrange a tour of the four-building complex, contact our brokerage team:

Robb Talbott: Why Monterey Motorsport Will Be a Special “Gathering Place”

1000 563 Monterey Motorsport Park

We’re so lucky to have something of the quality of Monterey Motorsport Park that probably won’t ever be built again here on the Monterey Peninsula.

Robb Talbott

One might not think that wine and motorcycles go together. But for Robb Talbott, they always have. And you may want to add an appreciation for B&W photographic art as well.

Robb is just one of many fascinating people who will soon be moving into their luxury garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park, located along Highway 68 adjacent to the Monterey airport.

True Self-Made Man

Robb comes from a family with a long history on the Monterey Peninsula. His father, Robert Talbott, Sr., and mother Audrey, moved to Carmel 70 years ago, starting the Robert Talbott Tie Company. Over the years, the Robert Talbott brand expanded into more than 50 product lines including ties, shirts, sweaters, formal wear, and more.

Young Robb began helping in the family business at age 8 — doing cutting and other tasks, and eventually working on the retail side of things. This early start instilled a work ethic that has served Robb well throughout his life.

But the clothing business was ultimately not Robb’s passion. After earning his fine art and design degree at Colorado College, Robb returned with a dream. And in 1979, he started clearing the land high on a mountaintop in Carmel Valley for his original Diamond T Estate vineyard.

Robb did all his own tractor work, tree cutting, log splitting, fencing, and road building — even breaking up large boulders with a 12-pound sledgehammer. Recognizing that he didn’t have a formal background in winemaking, he also enrolled at UC Davis and earned a degree in their well-regarded viticulture and enology program.

The winery was bonded in 1982 and went on to become one of the Central Coast’s most highly acclaimed estate-bottled vineyards — with award-winning chardonnays and pinot noirs, including a 1990 Sleepy Hollow chardonnay that received a rare 100-point score from Wine Spectator. Working closely with outstanding winemakers, Robb was the driving force behind Talbott Vineyards for nearly 35 years before selling the business in 2015.

Lifelong Love for Motorcycles

Robb developed a love of motorcycles at a young age as well. His first bike was a “very used” Honda 50, which he remembers as “the most fun he’s ever had.” While he was in college, he taught himself to race in motocross and winter hill-climbing events (not to mention ice racing in jeeps on frozen lakes high up in the Rocky Mountains!).

Two signature motorcycle races for Robb included:

  • 1970 InterAM in Boulder, Colorado — Robb raced against Europe’s finest riders, who were using some of the most sophisticated bikes from Husqvarna (Sweden), Maico (Germany) and CZ (Czechoslovakia).
  • Pike’s Peak Snow Run — An event run on New Year’s Day that featured 220+ riders racing from Glen Cove to the summit of the 14,410-foot mountain. The race consisted of 156 treacherous turns on ice and snow on an unpaved road (at that time) with no guardrails. Robb rode a Yamaha and bested a number of riders on Husky, Maico and CZ bikes.  “I had a really good run that day,” he says. “The race injects adrenaline into your blood that never leaves — and I’ll never forget that day and race.”

One of the World’s Best Bike Collections

In the late 1990s, Robb read “The Art of the Motorcycle” from the Guggenheim Museum. This reminded him that motorcycles were truly works of art. “That book became my bible,” Robb remarks.

Although he had kept up his skills riding dirt bikes over the years, this epiphany motivated him to ride more frequently and start collecting bikes. He began with an Italian model, then a British Triumph. By 2010, he had 30 bikes in his collection. In 2011, he conceived of the idea of a motorcycle museum. After four years of planning and hard work, the Moto Talbott museum opened at 4 East Carmel Valley Road.

Today, Robb’s collection includes approximately 190 motorcycles from 18 different countries, built over more than 100 years — from 1901 to 2006. Included are vintage dirt bikes, MV Augustas, Ducatis, and all things Italian — plus tiny, 175cc, pre-1957 Motogiro bikes. These are collector pieces — he rarely rides them except when getting ready for shows, instead keeping a handful of other bikes that he still rides.

Monterey Motorsport: A True Gathering Point

I think Monterey Motorsport Park is going to be a gathering point for some very interesting people. A great place to go, hang out and talk, and make new friends.

Robb Talbott

Robb and his wife, Vivienne, are in the process of downsizing — moving from a 160-acre ranch with five barns to a smaller property near Carmel with a home and a single barn. Because of this, they’re clearing things out and need more storage space. Monterey Motorsport Park is the perfect solution.

“I was looking for something that offered quality, security, location, and class,” explains Robb. “The developers of Monterey Motorsport Park have done a fabulous job.”

“I’ve known Gordon McCall, who’s also moving into the community, for a long time,” he continues. “I think Monterey Motorsport Park is going to be a gathering point for some very interesting people. A great place to go, hang out, talk, and make new friends.”

“I chose a corner garage-condo, 1-B, because it has such great Western light. After studying art and design in college, light is very important to me — I have to have light. I plan to customize the unit’s mezzanine with Persian rugs, comfortable seating and cool wooden tables — to create a space that’s a combination of leisure and office, capturing that wonderful natural light.”

This will be our go-to place other than our home. The building is exceptionally well designed and built, and secure. I wouldn’t consider anywhere else.

Robb Talbott

Robb plans to bring perhaps a dozen museum-quality bikes into his garage-condo, perhaps offering some for sale. He and his wife will also store additional furniture and important papers — and may decorate their unit with some of the fine art B&W prints Robb has collected from photographers such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Roman Loranc.

“This will be our go-to place other than our home,” Robb comments. “The building is exceptionally well designed and built, and secure. We’re so lucky to have something of the quality of Monterey Motorsport Park that probably won’t ever be built again here on the Monterey Peninsula. I wouldn’t consider anywhere else.”

To learn more about the Moto Talbott Collection, visit

65% of Garage-Condos Already Gone

With owners now moving in, demand has been so strong that already 65% of the 84 units ranging from just under 700 sq. ft. to around 2,100 sq. ft. have been sold. Each unit offers:

  • An oversized rollup door for easy vehicle access
  • Walk-in door for comfortable entry for you and your guests
  • Security features such as 24×7 proactive video monitoring, plus access-controlled entry gates and security lighting
  • High-speed, fiber optic Internet options for TV and VoIP phone service
  • Available for personal or business use

To arrange a tour, contact our brokerage team:

One-of-a-kind Opportunity

1000 478 Monterey Motorsport Park

Nothing like Monterey Motorsport Park is likely to be built on the Monterey Peninsula again

Our world has been upended by the coronavirus outbreak. We’re all coping with the changes to our routines — working from home, avoiding travel, and collaborating via WebEx or Google Hangouts.

While the world has changed for now, in time this will pass. And we’ll be able to get back to doing things we love — dining out, taking vacations, attending Monterey Car Week, or going to the races at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

And that’s when you’ll be glad that you took another look at Monterey Motorsport Park — a unique garage-condo complex and car community perfectly located adjacent to the Monterey airport.

No Other Property Like It

Today, there’s very little buildable land with access to water anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula. In addition, there’s almost no flex specialty commercial space available for car storage and other personal and business uses — with vacancy rates of less than 3%.

Here’s what it took to make Monterey Motorsport Park a reality:

  • Identify the right property — A sunny parcel on a rolling hillside along Highway 68, right next to Monterey Regional Airport and minutes from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
  • Obtain water rights — As noted above, it’s very difficult to get water on the Monterey Peninsula, and we were able to secure water rights by having wells on the property, which passed rigorous certification from the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
  • Get entitlements approved — Steer the plans for Monterey Motorsport through the complex, time-consuming planning and approval process with city departments and agencies
  • Design and build a stunning community — Work with noted Monterey-based architects, Wald, Ruhnke & Dost, and with SWENSON and Borelli Investment Company to develop and build a four-building complex that’s upscale, tightly secured, yet practical…unlike any other storage facility

An Opportunity Not to be Missed

This combination of factors makes Monterey Motorsport Park a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — a great place to be now, and an investment that’s likely to retain and increase its value over time. (If you want to run a business here, be sure to check with your CPA to learn more about the substantial tax benefits.)

Approximately two-thirds of the units are either sold or in escrow and closing soon. The remaining garage-condos give interested individuals a decent selection today — but that will be steadily dwindling as buyers move ahead with purchases.

The complex is ideal for people with car or motorcycle collections of any size — as well as motorsports enthusiasts or anyone with personal or business storage needs or who simply want to be part of this fun and dynamic community. Units range from around 700 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft. Luxury amenities include:

  • A stylish design with modern clean lines, stone wall treatments and welcoming entry canopies for some units
  • Ceilings soaring up to 25 feet, with large 14’x14’ roll-up doors (most units) for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a standard walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase. Owners are customizing these spaces into an office or personal retreat — with a large-screen TV, sofa, wet bar, and more to enjoy their favorite races or sporting events
  • Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone service
  • Completely fenced complex with access-controlled entry gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding from Elite Interactive Solutions

For more details about Monterey Motorsport Park and our remaining inventory, or to arrange a tour at a convenient time, contact our brokerage team:

We Have COVID-19 Covered

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Take a virtual tour and more of Monterey Motorsport Park

Due to the statewide order addressing COVID-19, most of us are adjusting by working from home and avoiding unnecessary activities involving travel.

This may make it seem like a challenging time to learn more about recently opened Monterey Motorsport Park — a unique car community that represents the next evolution in luxury garage-condos. And this, just when you actually have time on your weekends to take a closer look.

Well, thanks to some creative online tools — we’ve got you covered.

Take a Tour…Virtually

We offer a wide variety of ways for you to see and experience our fabulous facility, without leaving your desk or dining room table at home

  • Take a virtual tour Click to your heart’s content in selected units
  • Enjoy a 3D experience Click and drag to look around a selected unit, downstairs and upstairs
  • Picture yourself in our sales model Browse the high-quality images that bring you right into the model
  • Check out our videos Get a bird’s-eye view of the project, learn why Gordon McCall chose to relocate his business here, watch highlights that show the attention to detail that went into construction (now complete), and more
  • Choose your favorite unit Use our floor plans to zero in on the precise unit you want — but don’t wait — the increasing amount of red and yellow shows the growing number of units sold or in escrow
  • Setup a video conference Contact one of our brokers and they can set up a meeting with you.

Virtually Seamless Closing

Once you’re ready to purchase or close, we can help you reach the finish line as well. We have a variety of online collaborative solutions at our disposal — including DocuSign for electronic signatures and even e-filing at the title company.

So go ahead. Use this time you have on the weekends to do what you’ve always wanted — take a walking tour of Monterey Motorsport Park with your mouse and cursor, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Features and Amenities

The four-building complex, with garage-condos from about 700 to 2,100 sq. ft., includes:

  • A stylish profile with stone wall treatments, plenty of glass and canopies over some entrances — distinguishing it from any mini-storage complex
  • Soaring ceilings to 25 feet, with 14’x14’ roll-up doors in most units for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor that can be customized into a personal office or plush retreat for leisure-time purposes
  • Internet and cable options for web, TV and phone service
  • A secure, fenced facility with access-controlled gates and proactive, video-based remote guarding

And the best way to get more information about Monterey Motorsport Park? Reach out to our brokerage team, who will be happy to provide further details on availability and pricing: