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Monterey Motorsport Park

Select Businesses Joining Collectors and Auto Enthusiasts at Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 541 Monterey Motorsport Park

The spectacular, upscale garage-condo facility and luxury car community at Monterey Motorsport Park is now open and attracting a who’s who of collectors and motorsports enthusiasts on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.

With construction just completed on the four-building, 86-unit complex, demand has really revved up — with over 65% of the luxury garage-condos now sold.

But while collectors and motorsports enthusiasts are in the pole position among buyers —select owners plan to use their garage-condo for their primary, or part-time, business.

One of the first business people to move into Monterey Motorsport Park will be Gordon McCall of McCall Events, the co-host of McCall’s Motorworks Revival — the elegant event that kicks off Monterey Car Week each August at the Monterey Jet Center. McCall is also a noted collector of both classic automobiles and motorcycles and a former class judge at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance — and will store his collections in his unit.

A variety of business uses — including DMV-licensed, ecommerce-driven wholesale and retail custom car buying and selling services — have been approved for the community. The primary qualification to operate a business at Monterey Motorsport is that it must be low-impact in terms of water usage, traffic, parking, and noise. Full covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) are available from the community’s brokerage team.

Multipurpose Mezzanine Spaces

Each of the unique garage-condos will feature a large mezzanine overlooking the garage floor, reachable via an interior staircase. Owners are customizing these superb spaces into personal offices or plush retreats — with large-screen TVs, sofas, refrigerators, wet bars, and more.

Luxury amenities offered at Monterey Motorsport Park include:

  • Super-fast fiber-optic Internet connection options from Comcast and AT&T — Perfect for business demands, as well as for VoIP phone service and cable TV
  • Internal water loop for private restrooms — In addition to the common restrooms and shower for the community, owners can install a private restroom in their unit, if desired
  • Proactive remote guarding — The complex is completely fenced with access-controlled entry and remote guarding to warn off intruders before a break-in occurs
  • Convenient car wash, EV charging, compressed air, and water — Everything you need for your vehicle

The result is that rather than a one-dimensional storage environment, Monterey Motorsport Park will stand as a warm, welcoming, vibrant car community — one that will see many owners gathering on race days, during Car Week or simply to enjoy their leisure time.

SBA Financing of Up to 25 Years

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Garage-Condo Sales Are Accelerating

With spring right around the corner, sales of the luxury garage-condos are accelerating. Selection is still appealing — but that won’t last for long if the recent surge continues — now with nearly two out of every three units spoken for. Contact our brokerage team:

IRS-Recognized Practice Saves Thousands in Faster Tax Write-Offs at Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 554 Monterey Motorsport Park

Cost Segregation Key to Potential Savings

Traditionally, business property has been presumed to have a useful life of 39 years. Owners deduct the cost of a property — minus the land value — over four decades.

But what if you could accelerate the deductions — writing off substantially more in the first few years when your out-of-pocket costs to buy are the greatest — so that your net after-tax cash outlay is significantly reduced? That’s precisely what happens when you take advantage of an IRS-recognized practice called cost segregation. And it can make purchasing a garage-condo at Monterey Motorsport Park for business or investment purposes much more affordable.

Cost Segregation Accelerates Write-offs of Up to Over 25% of Unit’s Value

Based on an engineering study conducted by a highly qualified expert, cost segregation breaks down a property’s value — minus 20% for the land — into 5-year, 7-year, 15-year, and 39-year components. The shorter-life components include personal property such as carpeting, cabinets and wall coverings — as well as land improvements such as paving, concrete, fences, interior partitions, electrical, and plumbing. These represent up to one-sixth of a unit’s value at Monterey Motorsport Park that can be written off in the first year, thanks to their short useful lives PLUS large bonus depreciation write-offs available under the tax code.

Upheld in IRS Reviews and Audits

Cost segregation, backed by detailed engineering studies, has been upheld repeatedly in IRS reviews and audits over the past ten-plus years. This is not some high-risk, only-for-the-most-daring scheme. It’s a proven, practical technique your CPA will completely understand. And it can make the purchase of any commercial property for business or investment purposes — such as the brand new, upscale garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park —highly affordable on an after-tax basis.

Want to learn more and have something you can share with your CPA? Download our free, informative cost-segregation white paper — written with input from a CPA, based on a cost-segregation study by our expert engineering consultant. There’s no obligation.

Monterey Motorsport Park Nearly Complete — First Owners Moving In

Located adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport along Highway 68, Monterey Motorsport Park represents the next evolution in upscale, luxury garage-condos. The four-building, 90,000 sq. ft. complex offers a total of 86 units ranging from slightly less than 700 sq. ft. to nearly 2,100 sq. ft.

Construction is now finished on three of the four buildings — with the final building due to be completed this month. Owners are closing on their units, customizing the spacious mezzanines found in each garage-condo into a leisure retreat or personal office, and moving in. The excitement is building…with all of the track days and major races at nearby WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, collector events and of course Monterey Car Week 2020 fast approaching.

If you’d like to know more about how cost segregation can get you into your favorite unit in this unique car community with minimal after-tax cash outlay — contact one of our brokers or development team members:

Monterey Motorsport Park — the Perfect Home for your Car-Related Hobby

1000 553 Monterey Motorsport Park

Photo credit: Alexander Kirch /

Understanding how hobby-loss rules apply to your garage-condo purchase

Many people have one or more hobbies that they’d love to transform into a business. Perhaps you collect and restore cars or handle performance modifications. Or maybe you’ve got expertise buying and selling vehicles, and have thought about building that into a business.

What does this mean if you’re considering the purchase of a garage-condo at Monterey Motorsport Park to serve as the home for your hobby-business?

Profit Makes Perfect

Remember the adage “practice makes perfect”? In this case, if you make a profit from your business-hobby, perfect! You’ll be able to take full advantage of standard business write-offs, money-saving cost segregation and all of the typical deductions for your use of your garage-condo.

But…if you’re expecting to consistently operate at a loss while still taking advantage of the tax write-offs available to a profitable business, there are some requirements you must meet.

Show a Path to Profitability

Basically, the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board want to see that you have a plan and are working toward becoming profitable. You can demonstrate this in one of two ways:

  • Make a profit from your business-hobby in at least three of five consecutive years
  • Run your sideline business to clearly show that you intend to turn it into a profitable venture (This is the only way that a number of big-name ecommerce ventures, with billion-dollar losses quarter after quarter, are able to function and take the appropriate deductions.)

How do you prove this future profitability to the satisfaction of the IRS? In short, you must:

  • Operate your venture in a business-like manner
  • Choose a hobby or avocation in which you or your advisers have significant expertise
  • Be able to point to a track record running a similar venture in the past
  • Invest a significant amount of time into your sideline business
  • Show that the assets you hold have a high likelihood of rising in value
  • Earn profits from time to time and build a strong financial position

As with any financial matter, be sure to discuss your hobby-business plans with your CPA and other financial advisors. You can read more on this topic in this hobby-loss letter we worked with a financial expert to prepare.

Garage-Condo Sales Revving Up as Complex Opens

Construction is wrapping up at Monterey Motorsport Park, with the first owners moving into the four-building, 90,000 sq. ft. complex — with luxury garage-condos ranging from slightly less than 700 sq. ft. to nearly 2,100 sq. ft. Approximately 60% of the units have already been sold.

The upscale garage-condos are ideal for hobby-businesses involved in car collecting, ecommerce sales of vehicles, or maintenance and modifications. Non-car-related businesses are welcome as well, as long as they meet community CC&Rs. Attractive features include:

  • A stylish design with modern clean lines, stone wall treatments and welcoming entry canopies for some units
  • Ceilings soaring up to 25 feet, with large roll-up doors for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a standard walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase. Many owners are planning to customize this space into an office or personal retreat
  • Blazingly fast fiber-optic-based Internet and cable TV options for web, TV and phone service
  • Completely fenced complex with access-controlled entry gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding service from Elite Interactive Solutions

To arrange a tour or learn more about why Monterey Motorsport Park is the perfect place for you to locate your hobby-business, contact one of our brokers or development team members:

It’s Like a Safe Deposit Box for your “Passion” Investments

800 387 Monterey Motorsport Park

 Photo credit: MarKord /

Collectibles Soaring in Popularity and Value

Passion investing — putting a percentage of your wealth into something you love — has become highly popular over the past decade or so. The concept is so well accepted that many investment advisors suggest that their clients allocate a fixed percentage — perhaps 15 to 20% of their wealth — to this investment category.

What’s a passion investment? Typically, it’s something you’d spend your money on even if you weren’t considering it as an investment, which then grows over time as the value of your collectibles increase. Here are some of the leading categories:

  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Collector cars and motorcycles
  • Coins, stamps and firearms
  • Fine wines
  • Historical collectibles
  • Jewelry
  • Sports or entertainment memorabilia

For some, it could even mean buying a small winery or some vineyard acreage to indulge in a passion to produce their own wine. The point is: these are all investments in which you take a great deal of personal pleasure while you watch their value grow.

Collector Cars Racing Ahead with 500% Return

One of the fastest moving passion investments has been car collections. In a news report, CNBC’s Deborah Nason said, “Classic cars are gaining attention due to their nearly 500% returns over the past decade, outpacing art and wine by more than 100%, as reported by the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index.”

The most valued nameplates include Aston Martins, Ferraris and Porsches, but lately a wider range of cars including American muscle cars and more recent models are showing solid gains for collectors as well.

The rapid appreciation in value has shifted cars out of the realm of casual collectibles and into a serious asset class. And just as you wouldn’t tuck away a Picasso or Rembrandt in your closet or keep a wine rack full of $10,000 bottles of Bordeaux in your front room, it doesn’t make sense to store even a modest collection of classic cars in friends’ garages or a dusty warehouse or ministorage unit.

Matching your Passion for Cars

Monterey Motorsport Park represents the next generation of specialized garage-condos perfectly suited for car collectors’ needs. The four-building complex located just off Hwy 68 adjacent to the Monterey Airport provides security-conscious, access-controlled storage plus a fun car-driven community — with many owners who share your interest in car collecting.

The exclusive, upscale facility has a total of 86 garage-condos ranging from less than 700 sq. ft. to nearly 2,600 sq. ft.

These garage-condos are ideal for car collectors with any size of collection, as well as RV or boat owners, or anyone who needs additional storage space for their business or personal items such as furniture from a vacation home, recreational equipment, or other items cluttering your home garage. Attractive features include:

  • A stylish design with modern clean lines, stone wall treatments and welcoming entry canopies for some units
  • Ceilings soaring up to 25 feet, with large roll-up doors for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a standard walk-in door for you and your guests
  • Mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase. Many owners are planning to customize this space into an office or personal retreat — with a large-screen TV, sofa, wet bar, and more to enjoy their favorite races or sporting events.
  • Blazingly fast fiber-optic-based Internet and cable TV options for web, TV and phone service
  • Completely fenced complex with access-controlled entry gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding service from Elite Interactive Solutions

The best part is: just like the passion assets you’re collecting, your investment at Monterey Motorsport Park has the potential to appreciate in value over the coming years — like precious real estate on the Monterey Peninsula has done for decades. There are also tax benefits if you use the space for business purposes. As always, you should consult with your CPA or tax professional about the specific benefits you may enjoy.

Sales Surge Drives Inventory Down

With construction on the entire complex nearly complete and the start of a new year, there’s been a significant pickup in both interest and sales activity. The result is that Monterey Motorsport Park is now nearly 60% sold. So while there’s still plenty of selection to find your perfect unit, this may not last long.

To learn more and arrange a tour of fully completed Building A (with Buildings B, C and D soon to follow), contact our brokerage team:

You can also contact development team member, Gordon McCall,, (831) 372-9311, who will soon be moving his McCall Events business into the facility — or Ralph Borelli,, (408) 521-7117.

Three of Four Buildings at Monterey Motorsport Park Are Opening

800 431 Monterey Motorsport Park

The excitement is building – the evolution of the garage-condo is nearly complete! Construction has been finalized on three of the four buildings at Monterey Motorsport Park — an extraordinary, 90,000 sq. ft. luxury car community located adjacent to the Monterey airport along Highway 68, not far from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Work has wrapped on 56 of the 86 total units — with Building D’s remaining 30 units scheduled to be finished next month. Owners are now customizing their garage-condos to suit their personal tastes and preparing to move in.

The curtain is clearly rising on the newest upscale car community on the Monterey Peninsula  — the place to be for collectors and car enthusiasts: Monterey Motorsport Park.

Exceptional Amenities and Attention to Detail

The stylish, new-from-the-ground-up complex looks nothing like your typical storage facility or garage. The sleek, modern building exteriors feature stucco with stone treatments, plenty of glass and canopies over entrances to some of the units.

Buyers can choose garage-condos ranging from less than 700 sq. ft. to nearly 2,100 sq. ft. One-of-a-kind design features and amenities include:

  • Ceilings soaring up to 25 feet, with large roll-up doors for easily moving vehicles in and out — and a standard walk-in door for you and your guests
  • A mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase. Most owners are customizing this space into an office or personal retreat — with a large-screen TV, sofa, wet bar, and more to enjoy their favorite races or sporting events with family and friends
  • Blazingly fast fiber-optic-based Internet service and cable TV options available for web, TV and VoIP phones
  • A completely fenced property with access-controlled entry gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding service from Elite Interactive Solutions
  • EV charging stations to charge your electric vehicles on-site
  • Internal water loop and wastewater lines to tap into if you’d like to install a private restroom or sink in your unit — in addition to common restrooms (with a shower) for the community
  • On-site car wash station, plus compressed air and water
  • Accessibility for up to 55-foot semi-trailers, motorhomes up to 30 feet and passengers cars pulling 20-foot boat trailers (selected units)

Ideal for Collectors, Motorsports Enthusiasts and Personal Businesses

Monterey Motorsport Park is designed to appeal to avid car collectors, track driving-day enthusiasts, Monterey Car Week attendees, and anyone who enjoys being around car guys and gals — including personal businesses that cater to the car crowd. This includes next-generation auto buying and selling businesses that typically handle transactions via e-commerce.

If you’re interested in locating your business at Monterey Motorsport Park, please contact our brokerage team for additional details and full CC&Rs. To arrange a tour of the completed Buildings A, B and C, get in touch with one of the brokers below:

You can also contact development team member, Gordon McCall,, (831) 372-9311, who will soon be moving his McCall Events business into the facility — or Ralph Borelli,, (408) 521-7117.

Gordon McCall Among First to Move into Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 548 Monterey Motorsport Park

The McCall name is synonymous with motorsports on the Monterey Peninsula. Gordon McCall and his wife, Molly, co-host the breathtaking McCall’s Motorworks Revival gala at the Monterey Jet Center to kick off Monterey Car Week every August. In addition, Gordon McCall is a co-founder of The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering — held at the end of car week at Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel Valley — as well as a complementary event: The Quail, Motorcycle Gathering, which is held annually in the spring.

And now, Gordon and Molly will be among the first to move their business, McCall Events, motorsports collection, and Molly’s fine art gallery into the first of the units they own at Monterey Motorsport Park. With construction complete on Building A, B, & C the McCalls expect to begin the move-in process into unit 5A within a matter of weeks.

Monterey Peninsula Native

Gordon McCall is a peninsula native who was born and raised in Carmel. As a youth, McCall started out sweeping floors at a local Ferrari dealership. Over the years, he has run a respected car restoration business, served as a specialist for Christie’s International and a class judge and field coordinator for more than 25 years at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and built his current business, McCall Events, into a leader in events planning and management.

McCall is also part of the development team that’s wrapping up work on Monterey Motorsport Park — the next generation of garage-condos and a unique car community, located on Hwy 68 adjacent to Monterey Regional Aitport. Owners will be moving into the buildings in phases over the next month or two — with the remaining units expected to be snapped up quickly as individuals finally see the exclusive car community in person in the coming weeks.

There are very few affordable, upscale opportunities for car enthusiasts to solve the never-ending challenge of where we can enjoy our passion away from our home garage — if we’re fortunate enough to even have a garage connected with our residence here on the space-constrained Monterey Peninsula

Gordon McCall

New Home of McCall Events

McCall plans to use his largest unit, totaling 2,100 sq. ft. of space, as a showroom for his extensive car and motorcycle collection as well as office space for McCall Events. He will be rotating the vintage cars he owns in and out of the space, and will also display more than 20 unique vintage motorcycles.

Every garage-condo at Monterey Motorsport Park has a spacious mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor, which is accessed via an internal staircase. Gordon and Molly McCall plan to customize this mezzanine into a luxurious dual office/lounge environment. Built-in cabinets with dramatic lighting will display a one-of-a-kind collection of hand-built, 1/43-scale model cars that McCall collects. In addition, the walls throughout the space will be decorated with framed motorsports memorabilia that McCall has acquired over the years.

These keepsakes inspire me in my work world and remind me of the path that I’m on

Gordon McCall

Gallery Space for Molly McCall

Molly will use another unit at Monterey Motorsport Park as an art gallery. A noted painter and photographer whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest and exhibited in prestigious museums and art galleries across the U.S., she looks forward to having a permanent space to show her pieces to discriminating collectors, visitors and friends. Like Gordon, Molly is a native of the Monterey area and has a special affinity for the unique lifestyle led by local residents — and this is often reflected in the various pieces that she creates.

Compelling Reasons to Invest

When asked why he’s excited to be part of the extraordinary Monterey Motorsport Park car community, McCall has a number of ready responses.

My interest in vintage motorcycles and cars is one that I don’t think is best enjoyed in a vacuum. Being surrounded by friends who share similar interests makes getting together and swapping stories much more fun.

Gordon McCall

McCall cited three keys reasons for investing in a garage-condo at the community:

  • Own vs. rent — It’s ideal to be able to own space in a secure, well-located and well-built facility, and enjoy the tax benefits of bringing a business here.
  • Lasting friendships — I’ve become acquainted with a really interesting group of like-minded people from the Monterey area car world and many of them will be joining us here. We look forward to spending time with new and old friends at Monterey Motorsport Park.
  • Unbeatable address — Bottom line: to have a facility such as this on the Monterey Peninsula is rare. The location can’t be beaten, and neither can the amenities.

“Monterey Motorsport Park is the solution on so many levels for motorsports enthusiasts and car collectors, I honestly don’t think a buyer will ever regret investing here. But those who don’t take advantage of this opportunity will really have missed the boat.”

Gordon McCall

Move-Ins Underway…Selection Is Decreasing — Now Nearly 60% Absorbed

With move-ins ready to start, the remaining units are sure to go fast. Right now, there are still plenty to choose from, but with our recent sales surge taking us to nearly 60% sold out, that’s not likely to last long.

To learn more, contact Gordon McCall directly at or call (831) 372-9311. Or you can contact our brokers directly:

Luxury Garage Condos in High Gear from Silicon Valley to the Monterey Peninsula

800 441 Monterey Motorsport Park

It’s a nationwide trend that’s only accelerating. Luxury garage-condos are in high demand as car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts seek tailor-made facilities to store their cars and spend leisure time with friends, family and associates with similar interests.

Some of these complexes include a large clubhouse and host social activities for members and business owners occupying the car condos. But most have introduced elements such as expansive mezzanines that can be customized into leisure-time retreats or personal offices to help create true car communities.

This makes your garage-condo far more than a utilitarian place to park your cars or other personal and business assets — from wine collections, art or kids’ college furniture to business materials and paperwork. Rather, they’ve become places to relax, wrench on cars, and enjoy time watching big sports events or simply hanging with new and old friends.

Mapping the Local Opportunities

Northern California car aficionados have four fabulous garage-condo facilities to choose from:

Club Auto Sport 86 car condos plus a 10,000 sq. ft. clubhouse located in North San Jose — with a rare 5,000 sq. ft. end cap suite currently available for resale or lease for personal or business use

Garage Unlimited of Santa Cruz 52 garage-condos, sold out

Garage Unlimited of Monterey 46 garage condos, with a rare 1,500 sq. ft. suite currently available for resale for personal or business use

Monterey Motorsport Park The next generation of upscale, luxury garage condos with 86 garage-condos each with a customizable mezzanine, high-speed fiber-optic Internet service options, proactive remote guarding security, and more — now becoming ready for move-in

Tour Monterey Motorsport Park

Have you been reading about and watching the construction progress of Monterey Motorsport Park for months? Didn’t get a chance to come visit us before the holidays? No problem.

We now have a fully furnished sales model available by arrangement for tours. Contact any member of our brokerage team, and get out here while the selection is still good. But don’t wait too long. The first owners are getting ready to start moving in and remaining inventory is being snapped up weekly.  Due to our recent sales surge, we are nearly 60% sold out!

Escrows Closing, First Owners Ready to Move In at Monterey Motorsport Park

1000 465 Monterey Motorsport Park

After a busy year of meticulous construction by general contractor and co-developer, SWENSON, Monterey Motorsport Park has begun opening in phases.

The first building of the distinctive four-building, 90,000-sq. ft. complex is complete. Escrows are closing and owners have been green-lighted to move into their luxurious garage-condos and customize their units to suit specific needs and desires.

Buildings B, C and D will quickly follow over the coming weeks — one after the other — with the entire complex expected to be open by the end of February (weather permitting). Owners will start moving in as each building is completed, so if you’ve had your eye on one of the Monterey Motorsport garage-condos, you can’t afford to wait much longer.

“Monterey Motorsport Park is truly the next evolution in garage-condos, tailored to the needs of car collectors and other motorsports enthusiasts,” says Ralph N. Borelli, chairman of Borelli Investment Company, also a co-developer. “The distinctive spaces feature large roll-up doors for moving vehicles in and out — plus spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor that most owners are converting into either personal offices or plush leisure retreats with televisions, wet bars and comfortable seating areas for friends and business associates.”

Attention to Detail Throughout

These upscale garage-condos located adjacent to the Monterey airport are nothing like dusty mini-storage units or sterile garages. Choose from spaces ranging from about 700 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft. to suit your requirements and budget. The un-garage-like exteriors include stone wall treatments, lots of glass and awnings over some entries.

Although there’s still a decent selection today, interest is growing exponentially with the completion of construction — and the remaining units are expected to go quickly.

In addition to the unique mezzanines and oversized roll-up doors — plus walk-in doors for you and your guests — other features and amenities include:

  • A fiber optic connection that will enable you to opt in to whatever high-speed Internet service you want from Comcast or AT&T — plus access to cable TV service
  • An internal water loop, so you can add a sink, shower or private restroom in your unit — to supplement the common-area restrooms and shower available to all owners in the complex
  • A fenced perimeter, access-controlled entry and pro-active remote guarding by Elite Interactive Solutions
  • EV charging stations to power up your electric vehicles on-site — plus compressed air, water and a handy car wash that fully complies with all environmental standards
  • Access for semi-trailers up to 55 ft., motorhomes to 28 ft. and passenger cars pulling 20-ft. boat trailers

One-of-a-Kind Community

But what will truly make Monterey Motorsport Park a special place is the close-knit community we’re building — and the amazing, accomplished people who will be your new neighbors. In addition to auto enthusiasts, the spaces appeal to people who run businesses that serve collectors, motorsports fans and track-day participants — as well as any individual who simply needs additional garage-type storage for business materials or personal items ranging from college-kid furniture to elaborate holiday decorations.

With mezzanines creating personal spaces in the units, owners will spend lots of time at Monterey Motorsport Park wrenching on cars, watching major sports events or just hanging with friends. And you can be part of that!

Time for a Walk-Through

You’ve probably been following the construction progress — now it’s time to see Monterey Motorsport first-hand. Take time this holiday season or right after the first of the year to contact our brokerage team and make an appointment to see this incredible development. Don’t put it off any longer! Get here while there’s still an ample choice of units — you’ll be glad you did.

Reach out to one of our brokers:

Monterey Motorsport Park to Feature Next-Generation Proactive Remote Guarding Service

1000 525 Monterey Motorsport Park

Many people think alarms are the best way to protect their valuables, such as an expensive car collection. Theoretically, a thief hearing an alarm will stop trying to break in.

But theory and practice don’t always agree. That’s why Monterey Motorsport Park decided to install the next generation of Proactive Remote Guarding security solutions from Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS). As the leader in Remote Guarding, Elite Interactive Solutions integrates event-driven artificial intelligence to prevent crime at hundreds of commercial properties across the U.S.

The Goal: Stopping Thieves Before They Break In

The EIS design combines sophisticated, intelligent video surveillance with highly trained security agents who respond to on-site security alerts from within Elite Interactive Solution’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Center.

This innovative remote guarding solution will provide comprehensive video coverage of the complex’s perimeter as well as the entrances to the individual garage-condos. Should an intruder be spotted crossing the property line, the EIS team will use on-site loudspeakers to warn them off.

Based on past experience, approximately 95% will leave immediately — making it possible to stop a break-in before it occurs. If the police need to be called, EIS agents will inform the officers of precisely where the intruder is, whether he’s armed, what he’s wearing, and more. The result is an exceptional level of proactive protection vs. reactive response after a break-in has taken place.

Endorsed by Industry Groups and Satisfied Customers

Elite Interactive Solutions is the only Remote Guarding firm endorsed by FBI-LEEDA — an organization dedicated to advancing the science and art of law enforcement leadership. Many Fortune 500 firms rely on EIS for security solutions that deliver peace of mind while simultaneously saving the firm time and money.

While this Proactive Remote Guarding service is expected to provide exceptional security for Monterey Motorsport Park, individual owners are certainly welcome to install an optional alarm in their garage-condo should they desire.

Monterey Peninsula’s Premier Collector and Car Community

Monterey Motorsport Park, which is scheduled to begin opening in phases starting in December, stands as the premier, upscale collector storage facility and car community on the Monterey Peninsula. Among the complex’s highlights are:

  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor that most owners plan to customize into a personal office or leisure retreat with TV, wet bar, sofa, and more
  • Limited specific business uses — as long as they comply with the community’s CC&Rs for minimal impact in terms of water usage, noise, traffic, and parking
  • Connections for optional high-speed fiber optic Internet service, VoIP phone service or cable TV
  • Large rollup doors for easy vehicle access, with walk-in doors for you and your guests
  • Full fencing with 24×7 access-controlled gates and ample lighting throughout

Sales Remain Brisk

Sales of the garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park continue to be strong as the first units get ready to open in the coming weeks. To learn more about the secure storage solutions available at the complex adjacent to the Monterey airport, please contact one of our brokers right away:

Monterey Motorsport Park Addresses Home Garages’ Disappearing Act

1024 452 Monterey Motorsport Park

It’s happening all around the Monterey Bay area. In quaint little cottages on the beach in Carmel. Rustic coastal cabins in Santa Cruz. And especially, in new high-density housing that’s being built in response to soaring land values.

Home garages are pulling a disappearing act.

Anywhere living space is at a premium, the first thing to be eliminated is the garage. As older residences are renovated, it’s quite common to see garages converted into needed family space. And many new condo, townhome and apartment developments are being built with no private and secure garage space.

Unfortunately, this trend is in direct opposition to the lifestyles we lead here on the Monterey Peninsula. We’re active. We surf, sail or windsurf. We camp in our scenic parks. We own mountain bikes and diving gear, tents and camping equipment, boats and RVs — not to mention multiple vehicles, often including vintage cars that we enjoy working on. And without a garage, there’s nowhere to store anything.

Offsite Garage Storage Is the Answer

Monterey Motorsport Park not only solves this by offering the offsite garage storage you need — but it also represents the next generation of garage-condos, a worthy successor to the sold-out luxury garage-condo developments elsewhere on the Monterey Peninsula and in Santa Cruz.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here:

  • A security-conscious development adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport with access-controlled gates, abundant lighting, video in common areas, and proactive remote guarding service
  • Garage-condo units in all sizes from less than 700 sq. ft. to approximately 2,600 sq. ft., with ceilings of up to 25 feet
  • The flexibility to store almost anything: your collector or track cars, valuable wine collections, household stuff from vacation home furniture to holiday decorations, business materials such as financial records or additional merchandise, and even a boat or RV in the largest units in selected locations within the complex
  • A mezzanine in every unit that’s 13 feet above the garage floor — most owners will be customizing this into a personal office or their own leisure retreat getaway
  • Connections for optional Internet and VoIP phone service, as well as cable TV hookups
  • An attractive, modern design with stone wall treatments and welcoming entry canopies for some units — this is nothing like self-storage

Sales Pace Steady as First Move-In Approaches

Monterey Motorsport Park is on schedule for the first owners to move in before the end of 2019 — with all units expected to be available in Q1 2020. This timetable is sparking increasing sales activity — reducing the selection that’s available.

Don’t miss out on the chance to pick your favorite unit in your preferred location within the four-building complex. For more information and a detailed review of the garage-condos that remain available, contact our brokerage team: