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Monterey Motorsport Park

Scary Garage Stories!

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Exhausted from dealing with endless red tape and other obstacles required to add garage space onto a residence, car collectors and others are turning to the intelligent alternative: Monterey Motorsport Park.

It can read like a horror story. If you’re an auto enthusiast with a growing car collection who’s thinking of adding extra garage space onto your home, here’s a word of warning from people who know: you’d better buckle up for a long ride. Even if you have plenty of land — a rarity on the Monterey Peninsula — you’re looking at a frightening process full of unexpected twists and turns as you get the new garage designed, approved, and built before you’ll be able to wheel your pride and joy into the space. And be prepared for a few frustrating pit stops along the way.

Red Light, Green Light

Your journey begins with design and approval. You’ll start by hiring an architect to create drawings of what you have in mind. Hopefully, your home sits on a large piece of property. Many upscale communities have very specific setback and height requirements, as well as limits on the total amount of space allowed in attached or outlying structures on parcels of various sizes.

Assuming you have room, you’ll direct your architect to design your new garage exactly the way you want it. Expect to spend a number of weeks or months and several iterations going back and forth until you have a design that meets your requirements.

Now comes the really fun part: you get to take that set of drawings to your city planning department to obtain approval. Depending on the community you live in, you may also need the approvals of an architectural review board, planning commission, coastal commission, and perhaps even the full city council. During the public review process, you’ll meet neighbors you never knew existed, who will tell the planners that your garage is too big for the community, or that it interferes with their sight lines, will be an eyesore, or some other complaint that may delay issuance of your permit. The entire process can consume weeks, months—or in some instances—even years.

This will mean more rounds with the architects to make the required changes, and more meetings with the planning department, planning commission, and possibly the city council, before you finally get the green light.

Backseat Driver

Next comes the building phase. Overseeing construction on your property is a little like being a backseat driver: you know where you want to go, but someone else is driving. You might ask them to make a left turn here or a right turn there, or to speed up or slow down—but the reality is, the contractor will get you to your destination whenever he feels like it. The impact on your family life can be significant—with lots of noise, dust and frequent interruptions to check out one detail or another. Whether you like it or not, the construction team may become like members of your family—walking through your home any time they like, as if they lived there.

In addition, the costs can soar over the duration. Many “veterans” of this process advise you to take your original budget estimate and timeline, double everything, and hope you’re close to the real numbers and timetable. Great!

Still one day, your garage will at last be done. You’ll get the final signoff from the city, and you’ll be ready to move your car collection in. But it still may not be all sunny days and breezy backroads.

Be prepared once again for an avalanche of complaints from the neighbors if you regularly start and run any 115-decibel cars in your garage. And if your cars—and the neighbors—continue to make enough noise, you may find the city back on your doorstep in a sequel to the original garage horror story.

Make the Short Drive to Monterey Motorsport Park

Before you put yourself through all of this, you may want to consider taking a side trip to Monterey Motorsport Park — the next evolution in car communities built around garage condos.

Located adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport just off Highway 68 — not far from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca — at Monterey Motorsport Park, you’ll find:

  • 88 upscale garage-condos ranging from 700 sq. ft. to 4,250 sq. ft.
  • 24×7 access to your cars and other storage items — with controlled entry, well-lighted grounds, video in common areas, and alarms in each unit
  • Space-efficient mezzanines in every garage-condo that owners can customize into an office getaway or personal retreat, with wiring for cable TV, Internet service and plenty of room to work or relax
  • Oversized rollup doors for easy vehicle movement and a regular door for you and your guests to use
  • Attractive, modern designs with clean lines, stone wall treatments, entry canopies, and more — these are much more than your typical mini-storage unit
  • Long-term appreciation potential and tax breaks if you use your unit for business

Your Car’s Home Away From Home

If your collection of classic or track cars has outgrown your garage, perhaps it’s time to find them a new home — especially on the space-constrained Monterey Peninsula.

To learn more about Monterey Motorsport Park or arrange a personal tour, contact us today!

8th Annual CHP’pino Feed

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Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ Club Auto Sport in San Jose, CA from 5:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Borelli Investment Company presents the 8th Annual CHP’pino Feed, sponsored by Monterey Motorsport Park.

Join our 2018 Host Committee, along with friends, family and colleagues, as we dine on delicious cioppino, wine and tequila, and bid away in our NEW online silent auction and live auction! The 8th Annual CHP’pino Feed is a fundraiser benefiting the CHP 11-99 Foundation.

See the video from last year!


Thank you to our sponsors!

METIS Real Estate Signs Co-Marketing Agreement with Monterey Motorsport Park

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METIS is a new breed of real estate firm based in the Silicon Valley, with a branch office in Los Angeles. More than just a group of sales brokers, METIS associates draw upon diverse backgrounds to provide truly solution-oriented service to meet each client’s real estate needs.

The dynamic young firm started out in the residential business — providing full service, fair fees and a world of capabilities to assist home sellers and buyers. From that beginning, METIS has expanded into other niches: delivering specialized services for high-net-worth individuals and those who require the utmost level of privacy through its exclusive PRIVÉ service. Providing an innovative approach to commercial brokerage and development. And offering consulting to those who need information or assistance with anything from an analysis of local real estate values to 1031 exchanges.

Now, METIS Real Estate can also help you find the garage-condo unit of your dreams in an extraordinary car-driven community at Monterey Motorsport Park, along Hwy 68 adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport.

Conceptual render of unit 1-A

Designed for High-End Collectors and Motorsports Enthusiasts

The garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park are the perfect solution for Monterey Peninsula residents or those who frequently visit Carmel, Pebble Beach or other nearby destinations — and who have a car collection, large wine collection or other needs for a high-end storage solution.

The community features 88 upscale garage-condos ranging from just under 700 sq. ft. to slightly more than 4,250 sq. ft. in the four-building complex, so buyers can find one that meets their precise needs. All units have oversized rollup doors for easy access — and some will accommodate large boats or motorcoaches.

What makes Monterey Motorsport Park unique — and differentiates it from any other storage facility you may have considered — is that each garage-condo features a mezzanine 14 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase. With ceiling heights of up to 25 feet in the units, these roomy, airy spaces are being converted by owners into personal offices or luxury retreats — with cable TV, Internet and phone service.

As a result, Monterey Motorsport Park will be a true community — a place where you can congregate during Monterey Car Week or gather to watch big sporting events, work on vehicles or just hang out with friends. Good luck with that at your neighborhood mini-storage!

Front of Building A

Cost-Effective Way to Get Storage Space

With our co-marketing agreement with METIS, you’re guaranteed a cost-effective way to get the garage-condo storage space you need for your cars or motorcycles, wine, vacation home furniture, or other business or personal items. And you’ll enjoy METIS Real Estate’s experience and top-drawer service in helping you find the ideal unit.

Don’t wait! Although construction of Monterey Motorsport Park isn’t slated to begin until the spring — with completion scheduled for early 2019 — already 30% of the units have been reserved by buyers. There’s simply nothing else like it in Northern California!

For more information contact Monterey Motorsport Park

Or contact METIS Real Estate at (408) 859-6528 or by emailing Cal BRE: 0191498

First Look at Magnificent Monterey Motorsport Park

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Every so often, something new comes along that’s so innovative — so one-of-a-kind — that it’s difficult to conceptualize. That’s when a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s your first look at Monterey Motorsport Park — the next evolution in garage-condos within an exclusive car-driven community in Monterey.

Modern. Clean lines. Stone wall treatments. Entry canopies. And the rendering really doesn’t do justice to the buildings. See more renderings

Conceptual Rendering

Tailored to Collectors and Motorsports Enthusiasts

Are these garages? Well, yes and no. You will indeed find 88 upscale garage-condos ranging from less than 700 sq. ft. to slightly more than 4,250 sq. ft. in the four-building complex. Units can be combined if you need additional space. Oversized rollup doors make access easy. The garage-condos are perfect for large and small collections, track cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, personal storage such as a wine collection or vacation home furniture, or business materials.

But these units are far from your typical garages. Ceilings soar to as high as 25 feet. That leaves room for lofty, roomy mezzanines 14 feet above the garage floor — reachable via an interior staircase. Most owners plan to convert their mezzanine into a personal office or private retreat with large-screen TV, wet bar and more. You have to see one of these to believe it! That’s what will make the garage-condos leisure-time gathering places — where you can shoot the breeze, help a buddy with a car or watch a big race or sports event.

Ideal Monterey Location

Located right off Hwy 68 near the airport, Monterey Motorsport Park will put you minutes from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca —close to races, track-driving days and everything on the Monterey Peninsula during Monterey Car Week. Learn more

Preconstruction Is the Best Time to Buy

If you were looking at Garage Unlimited of Monterey, that project is now completely sold out! We’ve now begun taking reservations at Monterey Motorsport Park, and while preliminary plans are still being refined and approved, this is absolutely the best time to buy. If you want to customize a unit — take out a wall or two, install climate-control for you cars or wine collection or modify the size of your mezzanine — you need to act now. Once the city approves our plans and we start the working drawings, we’ll have very little flexibility to make structural changes.

Already approximately 30% of the units at Monterey Motorsport Park are gone — yes, more than a year before the scheduled early 2019 opening. Don’t wait to reserve your unit!


Garage Unlimited of Monterey Completes Sellout

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Monterey Motorsport Park announced as the next evolution in upscale garage-condos

Garage Unlimited of Monterey — a private, gated specialty garage-condo facility located in the Ryan Ranch area of Monterey — has sold out. The unique community for car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts consists of 46 car and storage condos with from 744 sq. ft. to 2,701 sq. ft. of space. Construction at the car community just wrapped up in April. But with a substantial number of units pre-sold prior to the opening, the remainder of the garage-condos sold out in less than seven months.

“Monterey has always had a special fondness for the automobile,” said Ralph N. Borelli, chairman of Borelli Investment Company, one of Garage Unlimited of Monterey’s co-developers. “With the natural beauty of the area and all the events surrounding Monterey Car Week each August — such as The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance collector car competition and races at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca — the Monterey Peninsula is a unique place to drive or show off your favorite cars. This created significant demand for specialty garage space among both local residents and those who regularly visit the area.”

The development team included: Ralph Borelli of Borelli Investment Company; Dennis Chambers of Cushman & Wakefield; Gordon McCall of McCall Events, and Case Swenson of SWENSON. Dennis Chambers and Josh Jones of Cushman & Wakefield and Ernie Lostrom of Lostrom & Company, Inc. were the brokers.


The Latest Garage-Condo Community

Even with the closeout of sales at Garage Unlimited of Monterey, those who missed out need not despair. The same development team that completed Garage Unlimited has just announced that they have begun taking reservations at Monterey Motorsport Park, a new garage-condo community slated to begin construction in the spring of 2018 along Highway 68 adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport. Learn more about the team

Monterey Motorsport Park is a four-building facility with 88 garage-condos ranging from slightly less than 700 sq. ft. to more than 4,250 sq. ft. — with the possibly of combining units to create even larger spaces, if desired. The fully fenced and access-controlled complex will elevate the Garage Unlimited concept to an even higher level, with a modern design featuring clean lines, stone wall treatments, entry canopies, and more.

Soaring ceilings will again accommodate mezzanines 14 feet above the garage floors. These mezzanines will be accessible by interior staircases and are expected to be customized by owners into offices or den-like spaces for entertaining or relaxing with friends. Connections will be provided for owners who want to arrange for Internet access or cable television. See more details

Oversized rollup doors will make moving cars in and out easy — and a number of the condos can accommodate larger vehicles such as motor-coaches or boats. The garage-condos can also be used to store business materials or personal things such as furnishings from a second home, a child’s college apartment furniture or extensive holiday decorations — to free up needed garage space at home.

Reservations Already at 30% During Pre-construction Period

Once again, the pent-up demand for upscale car storage options is driving early reservations to unprecedented levels. Already, more than 30% of the units at Monterey Motorsport Park have been spoken for — more than a year before the scheduled opening in early 2019.

“Reserving a garage-condo during pre-construction offers the added benefit of being able to request changes such as moving walls, modifying interior features like the mezzanine or installing special climate control systems for car or wine storage,” Borelli explained. “Once the city approves our plans and construction drawings are finalized, we’ll have very little flexibility to make structural changes. So now’s the time to put your name on a unit.”

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