Downsizing Challenges?

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Monterey Motorsport Park offers a wealth of options for couples that need more than mini-storage provides

It’s a similar story with many empty-nesters who have decided to downsize. How do you make that happen in the most efficient way possible?

  • Couple A raised their family in a large Bay Area home with a four- to six-car garage to accommodate their cherished, growing collection of classic cars.
  • Couple B had been using multiple mini-storage units to store their cars and other prized possessions, but their cars had been plagued by dust and much, much worse — putting them at risk.
  • Couple C is relocating from a large property with significant on-site storage to a much smaller property with less space for personal possessions.

An Upscale Car Community With Room for Everything

People who love their cars — or just have an overwhelming amount of personal or business storage — are finding that all roads lead to Monterey Motorsport Park.

Large or small collections. Classic cars. Track cars. Motorcycles. Furniture from a second or third home, or that your kids may need at some point. Collections of fine wine. Art and memorabilia of all kinds. Holiday displays. Keepsakes that you just can’t part with. Important business records. Anything and everything.

Monterey Motorsport Park has a garage-condo with your name on it.

Enter the pristine garage downstairs. You can easily move vehicles into and out of your unit, thanks to a large roll-up door (many are 14’x14’). Wrench on your vehicles and run them as needed without anycomplaints from neighbors. Shoot the breeze with other enthusiasts who may have helpful tips for maintenance and upkeep.

Head upstairs to the loft-like mezzanine. Set 13 feet above the garage floor, with plenty of vertical space due to ceilings as high as 25 feet, it’s easy to visualize how you can customize your mezzanine into a personal office or luxurious leisure-time getaway. Install a large-screen TV with cable and broadband options for watching major sports events and enjoying high-speed Internet access. Add a wet bar. Bring in comfy seating and a desk to get some light work done. The possibilities are limitless.

A Downsizing Solution That Adds Up

Monterey Motorsport Park is truly ideal for anyone who’s downsizing. Your new garage-condo can safely and securely store your car collection or whatever possessions simply won’t fit into your new home on the Monterey Peninsula. With units ranging from about 700 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft., you’ll find a garage-condo here that’s the perfect fit.

Two-Thirds of the Complex Sold-Out

Even in our current COVID-19-impacted environment, sales are continuing to close and units are going fast. Already approximately two-thirds of the 86 garage-condos are spoken for.

For more details about Monterey Motorsport Park and to explore the units using our virtual tools, contact our brokerage team:

  • Josh Jones, Mahoney & Associates, [email protected], (831) 233-2196
  • Ryan Clark, Cushman & Wakefield, [email protected], (831) 755-1635
  • Dennis Chambers, [email protected], (408) 605-6760
  • You can also get in touch with Gordon McCall, who’s part of the development team and will be relocating his business — McCall Events — to the community upon build-out, at [email protected] or call (831) 372-9311.
  • Or you can contact Ralph Borelli at [email protected] or call (408) 521-7117.

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