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The McCall name is synonymous with motorsports on the Monterey Peninsula. Gordon McCall and his wife, Molly, co-host the breathtaking McCall’s Motorworks Revival gala at the Monterey Jet Center to kick off Monterey Car Week every August. In addition, Gordon McCall is a co-founder of The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering — held at the end of car week at Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel Valley — as well as a complementary event: The Quail, Motorcycle Gathering, which is held annually in the spring.

A Monterey Peninsula native who grew up in Carmel, as a youth McCall started out sweeping floors at a local Ferrari dealership. Over the years, he has run a respected car restoration business, served as a specialist for Christie’s International and a class judge and field coordinator for more than 25 years at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and built his current business, McCall Events, into a leader in the events planning and management category.

And now, McCall has become a key member of the development team that’s spearheading the creation of Monterey Motorsport Park — representing the next generation of luxury garage-condos and a unique car community, located on Hwy 68 adjacent to Monterey Regional Aitport.

Equally important, Gordon and Molly McCall will be purchasing three garage-condos at the complex, totaling approximately 3,500 sq. ft. of space.

“There are very few affordable, upscale opportunities for car enthusiasts to solve the never-ending challenge of where we can enjoy our passion away from our home garage — if we’re fortunate enough to have a garage connected with our residence here on the space-constrained Monterey Peninsula,” McCall said.

New Home of McCall Events

McCall’s Motorworks Revival

McCall plans to use his largest unit, totaling 2,100 sq. ft. of space, as a showroom for his extensive car and motorcycle collection as well as office space for McCall Events. He will be rotating the vintage cars he owns in and out of the space, and will also display more than 20 unique vintage motorcycles.

Every garage-condo at Monterey Motorsport Park has a spacious mezzanine 14 feet above the garage floor, which is accessed via an internal staircase. Gordon and Molly McCall plan to customize this space into a luxurious dual office/lounge environment. Built-in cabinets with dramatic lighting will display a one-of-a-kind collection of hand-built, 1/43-scale model cars that McCall collects. In addition, the walls throughout the space will be decorated with framed motorsports memorabilia that McCall has acquired over the years.

“These keepsakes inspire me in my work world and remind me of the path that I’m on,” noted McCall.

Nothing comes from nothing, Molly McCall

Gallery Space for Molly McCall

One of the other two spaces the McCall’s are investing in at Monterey Motorsport Park will be used as an art gallery by Molly McCall. A noted painter and photographer whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest and exhibited in prestigious museums and art galleries across the U.S., she looks forward to having a permanent space to show her pieces to discriminating collectors, visitors and friends. Like Gordon, Molly is a native of the Monterey area and has a special affinity for the unique lifestyle led by local residents — and this is often reflected in the various pieces that she creates.


Compelling Reasons to Be at Monterey Motorsport Park

When asked why he is looking forward to being part of the extraordinary Monterey Motorsport Park car community, McCall has a number of ready responses.

“My interest in vintage motorcycles and cars is one that I don’t think is best enjoyed in a vacuum,” he explained. “Being surrounded by friends who share similar interests makes getting together and swapping stories much more fun.”

McCall cited three keys reasons for investing in a garage-condo at the community:

  • Own vs. rent — It’s ideal to be able to own space in a secure, well-located and well-built facility, and enjoy the tax benefits of bringing our businesses here.
  • Lasting friendships — I’ve become acquainted with a really interesting group of like-minded people from the Monterey area car world and many of them will be joining us here. We look forward to spending time with new and old friends at Monterey Motorsport Park.
  • Unbeatable address — Bottom line: to have a facility such as this on the Monterey Peninsula is rare. The location can’t be beaten, and neither can the amenities.

“Monterey Motorsport Park is the solution on so many levels for motorsports enthusiasts and car collectors,” summed up McCall. “I honestly don’t think a buyer will ever regret investing here. But those who don’t take advantage of this opportunity will really have missed the boat.”

Brisk Sales Mean the Opportunity Won’t Last Long

Construction is scheduled to start at Monterey Motorsport Park in the spring, with the grand opening targeted for early 2019. But interested parties are advised not to wait — already 40% of the space has been reserved, and there are generous incentives worth thousands of dollars for those who step up during the pre-construction period. Once construction starts, those incentives will be gone.

To learn more, contact Gordon McCall directly at mccall57@aol.com or call (831) 372-9311. Or you can contact our brokers directly here.


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