Ladies (and Gents) — Take Your Garage Back!

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The humble garage. When it was first conceived, it seemed like a fine idea: an enclosed space in which to park the family cars and protect them from heat and cold, rain and the occasional passing seagull. But somewhere along the way, the idea of a traditional attached garage has been run off the road.

Rather than hosting cars, garages have been outfitted with pool or ping pong tables or arcade games and transformed into an entertainment space. Or they have been made into home gyms, complete with a set of bar bells and maybe a treadmill that if only the person who bought them would use the darn things, there would be no reason to go to the next higher pant size.

Guys have also gotten carried away and decided that it would be even better if they could use their garage as a makeshift shop for do-it-yourself auto service or modifications — filling the space with tools, test instruments and un-drivable vehicles with their parts scattered all over the floor for months at a time.

And in what little room may be left, your guy has likely squeezed in camping gear, sports equipment or what have you. In other words, just about anything that you won’t let him bring into the house, he stashes in the space where you’d like to simply park your car.

Ladies Love Garages Too

But lest you laugh a little too loudly, ladies, we see you looking longingly at your garage space as well.

Unless you’re a car gal — and there are a growing number of those today — your interest in the space may have nothing to do with motor vehicles. But we know that you’re filling it with boxes of Christmas ornaments, clothes and shoes you’ve removed from your closet but can’t part with, furniture, extra household items, and who knows what else? Where does all this stuff come from?

In the meantime, your family’s cars are looking lonely and exposed parked in your driveway or at the curb.

Bring your Cars in from the Cold at Monterey Motorsport Park

It’s time to take your garage back!

Monterey Motorsport Park offers upscale Monterey garage storage adjacent to the airport. You’ll find 88 unique garage-condos — ranging from under 700 sq. ft. to more than 4,250 sq. ft. of space. This will let you clear out your home’s garage, so you can finally park your cars where they belong. These garage-condos are ideal for:

  • Storing and wrenching on your cars or motorcycles to your heart’s delight
  • Packing in a variety of household items such as holiday decorations, extra furniture from your vacation home, your kids’ college furnishings, boxes of personal files, and more
  • Storing business equipment or supplies
  • Parking a large luxury motorcoach, RV or boat (selected units)

Other features offered by Monterey Motorsport Park’s garage-condos include:

  • Ceiling heights up to 25 feet, creating room for a spacious mezzanine 14 feet above the garage floor, accessible by an interior staircase
  • These mezzanines can be customized into offices or personal retreats with Internet and cable TV options, helping to create what will be a unique car-driven community
  • A well-planned design for the complex that includes access-controlled entry, abundant lighting and video in common areas — plus alarms in individual units
  • The opportunity to own, not lease, your unit, locking in today’s property values and low interest rates, and offering the potential for generous appreciation over time — especially with the number of residences in places such as Carmel that have inadequate garage space…or no attached garage at all

These Monterey Car Storage Condos Are Going Fast

No doubt these garage-condos sound like the perfect way to finally be able to use your garage at home. Then, it should be no surprise how fast these units are selling!

Already, 30% of the garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park are spoken for — before construction drawings have even been finalized. Reserve yours now while the selection is still excellent, you have the flexibility to customize your unit if desired, and you can earn pre-construction incentives that include an automated roll-up door opener and a high-quality polished concrete floor in your unit.

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