Face-to-face with Gordon McCall

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The noted founder of McCall’s Motorworks Revival that kicks off Car Week shares his thoughts about the next-generation, luxury garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park.

Super Storage Solution

People who own homes on the Monterey Peninsula are often lucky to have a two-car garage, leaving little room to store cherished collections of cars, motorcycles or memorabilia. The solution is Monterey Motorsport Park, an upscale garage-condo facility and unique car community near the Monterey Airport.


Size Matters

Monterey Motorsport Park garage-condos are available in a variety of sizes from just under 700 sq. ft. to nearly 2,100 sq. ft., including space in a mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor that can be transformed into everything from a personal office to a leisure retreat — or used for additional storage.


Location, Location

The facility is located in the heart of the Monterey Peninsula, along Highway 68 near Monterey Regional Airport. That makes it ideal to enjoy the area’s many delights including Car Week each August. Why buy a second or third home here? Store your cars at Monterey Motorsport Park, stay in a nice hotel while, and enjoy!


Extraordinary Ecosystem

The community is attracting like-minded owners who share a love for all things auto. This is where you’ll find people spending time when they can get away — tinkering on their cars or simply sharing their passion for rare and beautiful automobiles, motorcycles and more. Be a part of this extraordinary ecosystem.


Bring Your Business

While most people at Monterey Motorsport Park will be collectors or race fans, the community has already been approved for a number of business uses that don’t require much water or parking, or create traffic. In fact, the community is ideal for family businesses where the owner needs to store a few cars as well.


Ideal Investment

People have asked, “Can I buy a space and lease it out?” The answer is yes, as long as the use is in line with the community’s CC&Rs. The result is that a purchase at Monterey Motorsport Park can be a great property investment over time with the potential for appreciation and tax benefits.


Monterey Motorsport Park

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