Monterey Motorsport Park Car Week Event to Raise Money for Vital Cause

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Join Monterey Motorsport Park (MMP) on Tuesday, August 13th of Car Week to Raise Money for the Spay Neuter Imperative Project (SNIP)

Monterey Car Week is coming — from August 9th to August 18th — and on Tuesday, August 13th you can help with this exceptionally worthwhile cause by coming to MMP’s Open House and benefit for SNIP. Guests can enjoy food and drinks catered by Bridge Culinary while getting a chance to see the amazing progress of MMP. Sponsored in part by Hagerty, McCall Events, Monterey Motorsport Park, and New Front Insurance.

Get your Invitation for the MMP Open House and benefit for SNIP

If you’re an animal lover and you’ve ever visited your local pound, you understand. It simply breaks your heart. So many good-natured, well-behaved dogs and cats that simply want a home and a family to love. But not enough families to adopt or rescue them all.

And so their fate is sealed, with approximately 2.7 million animals euthanized every year.

Meet Melanie Scherer

Changed forever by the untimely loss of her yellow Labrador retriever, Luke, to cancer, Melanie Scherer has taken the lead in trying to find workable solutions to this problem.

First, she started Luke’s Legacy Foundation, which works with a variety of pet rescue organizations — many of them overloaded and badly overworked — to provide desperately needed funding for spay and neuter services and vaccinations, and to sponsor adoption days.

On the Road with the SNIP Bus

But working with these pet rescue organizations and seeing so many animals still not adopted, convinced Melanie that there must be a better way. And so, SNIP — the Spay Neuter Imperative Project — was born.

Melanie started SNIP and invested in the first SNIP bus to serve the Coachella Valley in 2016 to provide below-cost, mobile spay and neuter services, and more.

“Unfortunately, we can’t rescue our way out of the pet overpopulation problem. There are just too many animals to find homes for them all. That’s when I realized that a mobile spay and neuter service was the answer.”

Melanie Scherer

Get your Invitation for the MMP Open House and benefit for SNIP

Making an Impact in Monterey

SNIP provides services to communities in three regions: Riverside County in Southern California, the Central Valley, and right here in Monterey and San Benito counties. They reach out to all types of people in every community: from Monterey and Carmel to Castroville, East Salinas and Soledad. No ID or personal information is ever required.

SNIP buses have traveled to homeless encampments under bridges and to the poorest as well as wealthier neighborhoods. And everywhere SNIP goes, they offer the same services:

  • $25 spay or neutering for dogs and cats under 40 pounds
  • $75 spay or neutering for dogs 40 pounds and over
  • $11–$25 vaccinations for diseases such as rabies, parvo, feline leukemia, and more
  • $15 microchipping

“Dogs and cats that have been spayed or neutered and have their shots are much more likely to be adopted. So we can manage the overpopulation issue while giving these pets a better chance to find a loving home.”

Melanie Scherer

In Monterey County and surrounding areas, SNIP medical teams have spayed or neutered nearly 2,300 pets in just nine months. In total, the SNIP California program has provided spay or neuter services for 10,600 pets in only three years.

This effort is truly a labor of love for Melanie. Some days, her phone rings 100 times or more with people wanting to learn more about SNIP or to arrange for the bus to visit their community.

“We make the money we raise — through fundraisers such as the upcoming open house at Monterey Motorsport Park or donations solicited through our website — go as far as possible. We pay our highly trained medical teams, of course. But SNIP’s board, our many volunteers and I receive zero compensation. It’s all about the pets.”

Melanie Scherer

For additional information or to donate to the 501(c)(3) organization, please call +1 (619) 316-1362, or visit

Get your Invitation for the MMP Open House and benefit for SNIP

Don’t Wait

Construction at the luxury garage-condo complex and car-driven community located along Highway 68 near the Monterey airport will be nearing completion — with the official opening scheduled for the last quarter of the year. So, attendees will be able to get a good idea of just how amazing this facility will be.

Even before construction is completed, the selection of 86 unique garage-condos is dwindling rapidly. Attractive community amenities include:

  • Completely enclosed complex — with access-controlled entry, video surveillance and pro-active remote guarding services
  • Oversized roll-up doors for easily moving vehicles into and out of your garage-condo
  • A separate walk-in door for owners and their guests
  • Soaring ceilings in each unit to as much as 25 feet
  • A mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor, accessible via an interior staircase, which can be customized into a luxurious retreat or a personal office
  • High-speed fiber optic Internet and cable TV access

For more information about MMP or the SNIP benefit during Monterey Car Week, please contact one of our brokers or development team members:


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