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If you’ve been looking at Monterey Motorsport Park for your collection, you may be trying to decide what size of garage-condo you want or need. Here’s something that will make both your cars and your budget happy. The right lifts from Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment.

Single-Post Storage Lifts Maximize Space Efficiency

If all you know about lifts are the two-post and four-post variety, Edwards and Sons’ single-post lifts will be a clear revelation. As the name implies, these lifts rely on a single post to support vehicles weighing up to 6,000 pounds. Once a car is up in the air, the post is practically out of the picture.

Rather than cluttering your garage floor space, you’ll have plenty of room to park another vehicle under the lift without worrying about door dings, scratches or broken mirrors.

With a single-post lift, you can safely and securely raise the underside of your car almost  6 1/2 feet off the floor — nearly 77 inches — providing plenty of room to park a second car underneath. Monterey Motorsport Park’s soaring ceilings of up to 25 feet and 13-foot clearance to the mezzanine in each unit offers plenty of room for elevating your vehicles.

Plus, with an overall width of around 9 feet, you can fit multiple single-post lifts into even some of the smallest units — to accommodate a growing collection in a relatively modest amount of space.

Simple to Operate, Safe and a Wide Selection

Every Edwards and Sons lift is easy to operate at the touch of a button and has numerous safety features built in — such as safety stops with audible “clanks” as you raise the lift. The nearly 31-inch approach ramp in the single-post design is ideal for low-profile vehicles such as Ferraris or Corvettes to ensure that the front-end doesn’t hit the track as you drive the vehicle onto the lift.

Edwards and Sons manufactures and sells a wide array of lifts for various needs including two- and four-posters, as well as powerful rotary lifts for car service businesses locating at Monterey Motorsport Park and even drop tail motorcycle lifts if you have a large collection of motorcycles.

Edwards and Sons Automotive Equipment is a second-generation family-owned business based in Pleasanton, which has been serving customers since 1987. For more information about their lifts and how they can work for you at Monterey Motorsport Park, contact our brokerage team. For technical questions, you can reach out to Kerry Edwards at Edwards and Sons: 1-800-48-EDWARDS or email Contractor state license #716505.

An Uplifting Investment

Monterey Motorsport Park offers car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts that rare opportunity to take advantage of a promising investment and be part of something you’re passionate about at the same time.

Over time, investments in Monterey Peninsula property have typically performed exceptionally well. And while there can be no guarantees about Monterey Motorsport Park’s future prospects, previous developments such as Garage Unlimited of Monterey have demonstrated strong resale values — even in the short term. Long-term prospects may be even better. As always, you should consult with an investment advisor or your CPA before buying.

Beyond the intrinsic investment value, this is an asset you can really enjoy. A community of owners just like you, who are passionate about cars or motorcycles. And who are planning to use their mezzanine to customize a luxury leisure space with fiber-optic Internet connection and optional cable TV…or create a personal office where they’ll spend time with friends and associates — especially on race days or during Monterey Car Week. This just may become your home away from home.

Units Going Quickly

Construction is moving quickly toward a scheduled completion later this fall. Check it out on our live cam. The pace of sales has also increased since Car Week with the move-in now mere weeks away

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