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  • Retired
  • Former CPA specializing in turning around distressed corporations
  • Highly successful amateur and semipro racecar driver for approximately 15 years. Raced 3 times in the 6-hour Spa Francorchamps–Belgium and once in the Historics at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Won multiple times and often finished on the podium in various competitions.

Why He Bought

Owned a home in Carmel for 25 years. Retired there full time about 3 years ago. Went from a large house with a big garage to a small house with a one-car garage. Had to park family cars on the street and had nowhere to store a small, but growing, collection.

What’s in his Garage Condo

  • 2005 Ford GT
  • 1964 Jaguar 3.8S
  • 2005 Ford F150 truck
  • 1984 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic — has red and cream Motochrome paint and was the first year the model was brought back, so only a few hundred were made. Williams has added a few additional touches to make it look even more retro.

What He Likes Most

“The people I’ve met — fellow owners — are extremely friendly and helpful. We swap everything from tools to stories.

“My unit’s 1,700 feet, so it should appeal over time to someone who needs space for a modest collection and likes to tinker like I do. To me, the place is perfect. I enjoy socializing there — friends come over to look at my cars, talk and relax. I’m thrilled to have bought here.”

—Franklin Williams

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Garage Unlimited of Monterey is a close affiliate of Monterey Motorsport Park — developed by the same team that’s now working on the next generation of upscale, luxury garage condos under construction adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport.

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