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  • Auto mechanic and owner of Coppa Bella Motors, which provides restoration, repair and maintenance on Ferrari sports and racing cars
  • Has been working on Ferraris for more than 35 years — initially at dealerships, then in other independent shops, until he opened his own shop in 2010

Why He Bought

Had to move out of his existing place in Seaside, near the auto mall. Another shop in the building had first rights to the space and it needed to expand.

Wanted someplace where he could control his workspace and not have to move again. Preferred to own, so his payments would be an investment, not money that was simply spent over the years.

What’s in his Garage Condo

  • 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza
  • 1987 Ferrari 328

“I work on a lot of different Ferraris,” Fremgen says. “Those two cars happened to be in my shop when the photos were taken. If I had to choose, I guess my favorite Ferrari is the F40. That was the last car to be signed off personally by Enzo Ferrari before he died.”

Fremgen continues, “I customized my garage-condo with an office on the ground floor under the mezzanine. I also built a tool room/unit room — where I can work on an engine or transmission unit in a cleaner space, with immediate access to all of my tools. I use the mezzanine for parts storage,” he adds.

What He Likes Most

“The location is great,” Fremgen remarks. ”It’s beautiful up here with a view of the forest just across Highway 68. The building is attractive and the gated security is important. I also love the large parking lot — it’s big enough for transporters to enter and maneuver around. A number of my cars come via transporter, so it’s nice that they don’t have to block the street.

“I’m getting to know my neighbors here. Many people aren’t here daily, but those who are will drop by to chat or come down to see what I’m working on. It really feels like a community,” he concludes.

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