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  • Retired
  • Formerly an auto mechanic and owner of Classic Coachworks European car service in Monterey

Why He Bought

Olsen’s friend and long-time Classic Coachworks customer is the owner of the luxury garage-condo. Residing out of state, with a second home on the Monterey Peninsula, this classic car enthusiast had frequently brought cars in his collection to be serviced by Olsen.

With Olsen selling Classic Coachworks and retiring, the two saw Garage Unlimited as an ideal place to create one of the most elite private auto shops in the area. German spec lifts. Custom-made benches with a complete complement of tools and equipment. Polished concrete floor. Everything pristine.

And the finishing touch? A high-end McIntosh sound system playing while the owner, Olsen and friends gather to work on their cars.

What’s in his Garage Condo

  • 1974 Alfa Romeo GT Veloce Custom Turbo
  • 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA coupé
  • Others on a rotating basis

“The owner is just a really great car guy. He doesn’t go in for any of the fancy exotics. In addition to the Alfas, his cars are all originals and include a 1962 Range Rover, a 1974 Jensen Interceptor, a pair of Mercedes Benz convertibles, a 1977 Ford Bronco, and many more. And he drives and works on them all,” Olsen says.

What He Likes Most

“Garage Unlimited is a very cool concept — it’s a really nice facility. They did a beautiful job on it. I enjoy coming out here, hanging out with people in the other garage-condos and tinkering on cars in what’s basically a Formula One caliber shop,” comments Olsen.

Find Yourself at Monterey Motorsport Park

Garage Unlimited of Monterey is a close affiliate of Monterey Motorsport Park — developed by the same team that’s now working on the next generation of upscale, luxury garage condos under construction adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport.

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