Ample Amenities Set Luxury Garage-Condo Community Apart

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Fiber-optic Internet connections, extraordinary security and EV charging stations for your car

Car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts are choosing Monterey Motorsport Park’s luxury garage-condos for a variety of reasons:

  • Because the shortage of residential garage space that’s typical of many homes in Carmel and other Monterey Peninsula communities means storage space for valuable cars is extremely scarce
  • Because mezzanines built into every unit are ideal to customize as personal offices, luxury retreats or to provide additional storage off the garage floor
  • Because Monterey Motorsport Park is attracting owners who want to be part of this unique car-oriented community

But beyond these obvious draws, what makes these upscale garage-condos unique are the many desirable amenities included with the individual units or offered as community benefits.

Start with Fiber-based Internet Service…End with a Car Wash On-Site

When you purchase at Monterey Motorsport Park, you’ll enjoy:

  • Blazingly fast fiber-optic Internet service — Need to access video or download huge files? Planning to operate a business that requires consistently high bandwidth? We’re bringing the unmatched speed of fiber into the Monterey Motorsport community, which will enable you to opt in to whatever level of Comcast broadband service you require — such as Gig-speed service from Xfinity and a variety high-speed Comcast Business Class services up to 1 GB. So, you’ll always have the access you need, day in and day out.
  • Security — Completely fenced perimeter with 24×7 access-controlled entrance gates, abundant lighting, and pro-active remote guarding from Elite Interactive Solutions. Highly trained security agents respond to on-site alerts with the goal of “warning off” intruders via a facility-wide speaker system — to stop break-ins before they occur. Learn more
  • Phone-Cable TV — Enjoy Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service via your fiber-optic Internet connection. Plus, you can opt for cable TV access as well.
  • EV charging stations — Conveniently charge your electric vehicle at the on-site charging stations.
  • Handy car wash — Give your car a quick scrub at our on-site car wash, which fully complies with best management practices (BMPs) as set forth by the EPA for Storm Water Pollution Prevention.
  • Accessibility for trailers and rigs — A consultant has conducted a turning analysis for car deliveries by 55’ semi-trailers, access for 30’ motorhomes and passenger cars pulling 20’ boat trailers. The purpose is to validate the flexible access that the parking lot will provide. The results are detailed here. While some of the individual units will accommodate these medium-sized trailers and rigs, many units will not due to a limited turning radius or inadequate driveway width. Consult with our brokers to find a unit that meets your needs.
  • Water and electrical — An internal water loop and waste line is available if you’d like to install a private restroom and/or sink in your garage-condo. All units are individually metered for electric service, with a 200-Amp sub panel, single phase, 120/208V.

Inventory Is 50% Spoken For

Monterey Motorsport Park has been attracting interest from across the Monterey Peninsula, with around 50% of the space already reserved before work began at the site in December. Construction is now steadily progressing, with completion expected by the last quarter of this year. Check out the live construction cam here.

Don’t delay! To learn more about this unique, next-generation car community and garage-condo storage facility, contact one of our brokers right away:

You can also get in touch with Gordon McCall, who’s part of the development team and will be relocating his business — McCall Events — to the community upon build-out, at or call (831) 372-9311. Or you can contact Ralph Borelli at or call (408) 521-7117.


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