The Race Is On for Garage-Condos at Monterey Motorsport Park

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Wayne Rainey, 3-time Moto GP World Champ tells why he bought at the luxury destination for collectors and motorsports enthusiasts.

“I’ve been looking into commercial real estate here on the Monterey Peninsula for years, but haven’t found anything that suits all of my needs. That is until I discovered the new Monterey Motorsport Park development. Between the ideal location, along with the great layout where I can combine my business office with some shop space and room for my motorcycle collection and memorabilia too, becoming an owner was not a hard decision to make.”

– Wayne Rainey, Moto GP Champion

California native, Wayne Rainey, had an extraordinary career as a motorcycle racer, including seven years on the Moto Grand Prix circuit. He was crowned champion of the 500cc class in 1990, 1991 and 1992. Throughout his years on the circuit, Wayne had 24 wins and made the podium 65 times in just 95 starts.

Wayne is just one of many who have discovered Monterey Motorsport Park, a high-end garage-condo facility and motorsports-oriented community located adjacent to Monterey Regional Airport. With spacious mezzanines accessible via interior stairs or optional lifts for mobility-impaired individuals, the community is ideal for people to store collections, large or small, of cars or motorcycles — and create a luxury retreat or personal office in the lofty space overlooking the garage or shop floor.

Don’t Get Left at the Starting Line

Although you may have heard or read that construction just recently started, you can’t afford to be slow off the line. Concrete has been poured and steel is rising on the site. (See our live cam here.) More importantly, already approximately 50% of the units have been presold. So if you’re thinking about joining Wayne Rainey, Gordon McCall and the long list of interesting and like-minded collectors and motorsports enthusiasts, don’t wait!

For more information about this exciting, next-generation garage-condo storage facility and car-driven community, contact one of our brokers right away:

You can also get in touch with Gordon McCall, who’s part of the development team and will be relocating his business — McCall Events — to the community upon build-out, at, (831) 372-9311.

Or you can contact Ralph Borelli at, (408) 521-7117.


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