Progress Continuing Even With Losing Two-Thirds of a Month to Rain

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February is one of the rainy months in the Bay Area. But not THAT rainy! If you were keeping track at home, yes indeed, 19 of February’s 28 days were wet. That’s more than two-thirds of the month. And yet, the crews assembled by co-developer and general contractor, SWENSON, managed to keep things steadily moving at Monterey Motorsport Park.

Here are some of the highlights of the construction work that’s taken place in the past two months at the unique garage-condo facility and car enthusiast community along Highway 68 adjacent to the Monterey airport:

  • 10,872 sq. ft. of plywood sheeting has been installed to create the full façade on Building A at the four-building complex
  • Building A also incorporates 195,000 pounds of light gage steel framing, wall panels and roofing AND 150,000 screws. (So, no need to personally count these!)
  • Concrete was poured in February for Building C’s lower flooring slab and Building D’s lower footings
  • Building B’s slab was just poured on March 23rd — so only Building D’s upper footings and slab remain to be poured, most likely in April
  • Building A’s steelwork, as noted above, is complete. Building B’s steel will be next. Deliveries have also been set for Building C’s steel to arrive on-site in late April and Building D’s steel in mid-June.

As you can see, excellent progress is being made on the construction of Monterey Motorsport Park — with completion continuing to be targeted for Q4 this year. Stay up to date on the progress by following our live construction cam.

Still Waiting for the Right Time to Buy?

Well, that time is now. With roughly half of the garage-condo inventory at Monterey Motorsport Park already gone and purchase agreements now being finalized, the selection is dwindling fast.

Monterey Motorsport Park truly represents a new vision for luxury garage-condos, perfect for every car collector, motorsports enthusiast or any individual or business looking for top-quality, garage-type storage space in a gated complex with proactive security monitoring.

Plus, the big benefit is that with each unit boasting a spacious mezzanine that can be customized into a luxury retreat or personalized office, this is where your friends and business associates will be hanging out on race weekends, during Monterey Car Week in August, or anytime people want to relax and enjoy all the attractions of the spectacular Monterey Peninsula (which when you think about it, is pretty much every weekend).

Don’t get left at the starting line — or miss the opportunity to choose the unit of your dreams. You’ll also want to lock up your garage-condo purchase while interest rates remain low by historical standards — and secure a commercial real estate investment with an excellent chance to appreciate significantly over the coming years. (Check with your CPA or tax advisor with any questions.)

For pricing or additional information, contact:

You can also get in touch with Gordon McCall, who’s part of the development team and will be relocating his business — McCall Events — to the community upon build-out, at or call (831) 372-9311. Or you can contact Ralph Borelli at or call (408) 521-7117.


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