Single Post Lifts: Maximize Your Garage-Condo Space…Minimize Your Investment

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As a collector, you’ve hopefully discovered that Monterey Motorsport Park — located adjacent to the Monterey airport — offers the ideal solution to the challenge of finding a convenient place to securely store your cars, where you can easily enjoy and work on them and share your hobby with other auto enthusiasts.

But it’s only natural to want to maximize both the space in your garage-condo and the value of your investment. The answer is single-post lifts such as the ones manufactured and marketed by American Custom Lifts.

Make the Most of Your Space

Now, you can purchase whatever size of unit that meets your budget requirements and still easily fit your cars into your garage-condo.

Every unit at Monterey Motorsport Park has an extraordinary amount of vertical space — up to 13 feet under the mezzanine and as high as nearly 25 feet elsewhere. With lifts such as American Custom Lift’s affordable M-1 single-post lifts, you can easily double the number of cars you can fit into a given space.

These single-post lifts offer numerous advantages:

  • Better use of space than two-post and four-post designs
  • Fewer posts in your unit, to reduce the danger of scratching your cars or dinging a mirror during entry or exit
  • Up to 82” of clearance on its top lock — positive locking mechanism for optimum safety
  • Adjustable track width to accommodate virtually any vehicle
  • Supports up to 6,500 lbs.

American Custom Lifts is just one of a number of vendors that you can contact if you’re interested in looking into single-post lifts to make the most of your garage-condo space. View our unit layouts to see how you can use a lift to get the most out of your space

Check out this customer review of an American Custom Lifts, single post car lift.

An Uplifting Investment

Monterey Motorsport Park offers car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts that rare opportunity to take advantage of a promising investment and be part of something you’re passionate about at the same time.

In the past, investments in Monterey Peninsula property have performed very well. And while there can be no guarantees about Monterey Motorsport Park’s future prospects, previous developments such as Garage Unlimited of Monterey have demonstrated strong resale values — even in the short term. Long-term prospects may be even better. As always, you should consult with an investment advisor or your CPA before buying.

Beyond the intrinsic investment value, this is something you can really enjoy. A community of owners just like you. Who are passionate about cars or motorcycles. And who are planning to use the mezzanines in every unit to create leisure spaces with fiber-optic Internet connections and optional cable TV or personal offices where they’ll look forward to spending time with friends and associates — especially on race days or during Monterey Car Week. This just may become your home away from home.

Units Going Quickly

Construction is well underway, as you can see from our live cam, and units are selling fast. We expect owners to be able to move in before the end of the year. To learn more about Monterey Motorsport Park or contact suppliers of single-post lifts to check out how they can help you get more out of your space, reach out to our brokerage team:

You can also contact Gordon McCall, who’s part of the development team and will be relocating his business — McCall Events — to the community upon build-out, at or call (831) 372-9311. Or you can contact Ralph Borelli at or call (408) 521-7117.


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