Gordon McCall Makes News Again in The Wall Street Journal

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Article cites growing trend in car condos nationwide — popularity points to long-term investment potential

Perhaps you’ve been considering whether to purchase a garage-condo at Monterey Motorsport Park. But possibly you’ve wondered whether this is a value-driven trend, or a passing fad.

Based on an article in The Wall Street Journal’s August 29th edition, it appears it’s the former. Car condo development is in high gear. In Michigan. Just outside Chicago, Illinois. Near Vancouver, Canada. In Silicon Valley. And of course, right here on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. Car condos appeal to buyers who have a passion for collecting cars or who need to store sports cars or exotics they use to test their driving abilities on track days.

Gordon McCall, who will move his firm, McCall Events to Monterey Motorsport Park when the complex opens later this fall, was quoted in the Journal as saying, “Space is key for car collectors. People do not want to have to sell a car to make space for a new one. Owners trick out their spaces. You can have a satellite office, or a lounge where people can hang out in a place other than their home, while communing with their cars or motorcycles.”

Read the complete Wall Street Journal article here.

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