In Their Own Words; Franklin Williams
1024 605 Monterey Motorsport Park

Occupation Retired Former CPA specializing in turning around distressed corporations Highly successful amateur and semipro racecar driver for approximately 15 years. Raced 3 times in…

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In Their Own Words; Ron Gilmartin
1024 576 Monterey Motorsport Park

Occupation Retired Formerly an engineering project manager for Apple for around 12 years Why He Bought “It was basic math — trying to fit four…

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An Awesome August
1024 681 Monterey Motorsport Park

August was an exciting month for MMP. We had our Ground Breaking event and Monterey Car Week. View the gallery below to catch up on…

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Face-to-face with Gordon McCall
750 375 Monterey Motorsport Park

The noted founder of McCall’s Motorworks Revival that kicks off Car Week shares his thoughts about the next-generation, luxury garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park. Super…

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Rick Barnett: Elevating Garage-Condo Investments to a Fine Art
1024 464 Monterey Motorsport Park

Rick Barnett, managing director for art exhibitions and media sales for Redwood Media Group, understands art. And he appreciates fine commercial real estate investment opportunities.…

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Monterey Motorsport Park to Feature Next-Generation Pro-Active Remote Guarding Service
799 532 Monterey Motorsport Park

Many people think alarms are the best way to protect their valuables, such as an expensive car collection. Theoretically, a thief confronted with an alarmed…

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Don’t miss us at Monterey Car Week 2018
600 209 Monterey Motorsport Park

If you’re bringing one or more cars to Monterey Car Week, the big question always is: where will you keep them? The answer… Monterey Motorsport…

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Monterey Motorsport Park Partners with Club Sportiva
1024 314 Monterey Motorsport Park

As the pioneer of the classic car “timeshare” concept, Club Sportiva is the nation’s premier exotic car experience and lifestyle company. Club Sportiva offers a variety…

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Join us at McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2018
1024 448 Monterey Motorsport Park

Join Monterey Motorsport Park for the summer’s most unforgettable evening… McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2018! There’s no better way to get Monterey Car Week rolling than…

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Monterey Motorsport Park 50% Sold
1024 439 Monterey Motorsport Park

Perhaps you’ve heard about Monterey Motorsport Park, the next generation of exclusive garage-condos near Monterey Regional Airport. But possibly, finding out more about this unique…

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New Project

Monterey Motorsport Park II located less than a mile from the original Monterey Motorsport Park coming soon.
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