Face-to-face with Gordon McCall

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The noted founder of McCall’s Motorworks Revival that kicks off Car Week shares his thoughts about the next-generation, luxury garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park.

Super Storage Solution

People who own homes on the Monterey Peninsula are often lucky to have a two-car garage, leaving little room to store cherished collections of cars, motorcycles or memorabilia. The solution is Monterey Motorsport Park, an upscale garage-condo facility and unique car community near the Monterey Airport.


Size Matters

Monterey Motorsport Park garage-condos are available in a variety of sizes from just under 700 sq. ft. to nearly 2,100 sq. ft., including space in a mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor that can be transformed into everything from a personal office to a leisure retreat — or used for additional storage.


Location, Location

The facility is located in the heart of the Monterey Peninsula, along Highway 68 near Monterey Regional Airport. That makes it ideal to enjoy the area’s many delights including Car Week each August. Why buy a second or third home here? Store your cars at Monterey Motorsport Park, stay in a nice hotel while, and enjoy!


Extraordinary Ecosystem

The community is attracting like-minded owners who share a love for all things auto. This is where you’ll find people spending time when they can get away — tinkering on their cars or simply sharing their passion for rare and beautiful automobiles, motorcycles and more. Be a part of this extraordinary ecosystem.


Bring Your Business

While most people at Monterey Motorsport Park will be collectors or race fans, the community has already been approved for a number of business uses that don’t require much water or parking, or create traffic. In fact, the community is ideal for family businesses where the owner needs to store a few cars as well.


Ideal Investment

People have asked, “Can I buy a space and lease it out?” The answer is yes, as long as the use is in line with the community’s CC&Rs. The result is that a purchase at Monterey Motorsport Park can be a great property investment over time with the potential for appreciation and tax benefits.

Rick Barnett: Elevating Garage-Condo Investments to a Fine Art

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Rick Barnett, managing director for art exhibitions and media sales for Redwood Media Group, understands art. And he appreciates fine commercial real estate investment opportunities.


In 2017, Barnett invested in two garage-condos at Garage Unlimited of Monterey. In one of the units, he stores an art collection (both auto and non-auto-related), automobilia keepsakes, plus a number of cars in his growing car collection. He rents his other garage-condo to a fellow collector, who went on to purchase two units of his own at Garage Unlimited.

Encouraged by that experience — the strong demand for the garage-condos, the rising resale values of the units and the camaraderie he’s enjoyed as part of the unique car community, Barnett was at the very front of the line when Monterey Motorsport Park was announced as the next generation in luxury, upscale garage-condo facilities, scheduled to break ground in August along Highway 68 near the Monterey Airport.

A Community of Like-Minded Collectors

In his work, Rick rubs shoulders with artists, publishers and gallery owners who come to Redwood Media’s art exhibition trade shows nationwide to view or purchase the art on display. So he knows a thing or two about mixing and mingling with like-minded enthusiasts. And that’s one of the big things that have attracted him to invest in Monterey Motorsport Park.

“If you’re a car guy, motorcycle guy or collector of any kind — wine, art or what have you — and you want to be part of a unique collector community, it’s hard to beat the unique demographic and true fellowship you’ll find at Monterey Motorsport Park,” said Barnett. “This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

Although Barnett’s been a car guy since the day he got his driver’s license, he didn’t start collecting until about four years ago. But his love for fine machines — like fine art — has led him to acquire nine vehicles to-date. Although he does have a special fondness for Porsches, his collection currently revolves around cars that have played some role in his life story. And then, he carefully evaluates the investment potential of the cars he’s most interested in.

Barnett has reserved two garage-condos at Monterey Motorsport Park:

  • A larger, drive-through 2,100 sq. ft. unit in Building A that has the versatility to accommodate a 45-foot RV if desired. The unit is surrounded by interesting neighbors, and Barnett views the space as an ideal rental.
  • A somewhat smaller unit in another building that he’s planning to keep for his own use to accommodate his growing collection of Porsches

Mezzanines Make the Community

Like at the long sold-out Garage Unlimited, what makes Monterey Motorsport Park special is that every garage-condo includes a mezzanine 13 feet above the garage floor — accessible via an interior staircase. Owners like Barnett are customizing these mezzanines with personal

offices, space for an administrative assistant, a conference room, executive bar, kitchen, and more. Wiring for Internet service and cable TV hookups are also available, so individuals will have access to everything needed to create a unique office or leisure-time retreat. This is what differentiates Monterey Motorsport Park from any other storage facility.

“You aren’t just buying storage,” Barnett explains. “You’re buying ‘membership’ in a ‘private club’ — only without the membership dues.”

Continues Barnett, “At Garage Unlimited, we just hosted our first owners’ event — we ended up with more than twice the number of owners, friends and business associates in attendance than we expected. The gathering was catered — there was great food and a fabulous selection of cars on display. Where else can you be part of something like this?”

50% of Garage-Condos Already Spoken For

With all the excitement surrounding the exclusive garage-condo complex, demand has been so strong that already 50% of the 86 units ranging from just under 700 sq. ft. to around 2,100 sq. ft. have been reserved. The units offer:

  • Oversized rollup doors for easy vehicle access
  • Walk-in doors for comfortable entry by you and your guests
  • Security features such as video of the facility’s perimeter and unit entry doors — with 24×7 monitoring and proactive warning off of intruders; plus access-controlled entry gates and security lighting
  • Available for personal or business usage (the latter with minimal impacts on parking, traffic and water — see CC&Rs for full details)

“The people involved in this project are amazing,” remarks Barnett. “The development team and owners include some pretty remarkable individuals. But you don’t have to have a multi-million-dollar collection to be here. We have a number of guys whose cars average $40,000 to $50,000. They love their cars and this is a place they can tinker with them and enjoy the company of other car enthusiasts. It’s a great collector community.”

Construction Starts in August

With construction due to begin in August, now’s the time to get in before the remaining inventory goes quickly.

For more information regarding Monterey Motorsport Park, contact us today!

Monterey Motorsport Park to Feature Next-Generation Pro-Active Remote Guarding Service

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Many people think alarms are the best way to protect their valuables, such as an expensive car collection. Theoretically, a thief confronted with an alarmed unit will stop trying to break into it.

But theory and practice don’t always agree. That’s why Monterey Motorsport Park decided to install the next generation of Pro-Active Remote Guarding security solutions from Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS). As the leader in Remote Guarding, Elite Interactive Solutions integrates event-driven artificial intelligence to prevent crime at hundreds of commercial properties across the U.S.

The Goal: Stopping Thieves Before They Break In

The EIS design combines sophisticated, intelligent video surveillance with highly trained security agents who respond to on-site security alerts from within Elite Interactive Solution’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Center.

This innovative Remote Guarding solution will provide comprehensive video coverage of the complex’s perimeter as well as the entrances to the individual garage-condos. Should an intruder be spotted crossing the property line, the EIS team will use on-site speakers to warn them off.

Based on past experience, approximately 95% will leave immediately — making it possible to stop a break-in before it occurs. If the police must be called, EIS agents will inform the officers of precisely where the intruder is, whether he’s armed, what he’s wearing, and more. The result is an exceptional level of proactive protection vs. reactive response after a break-in has taken place.

Endorsed by Industry Groups and Satisfied Customers

Elite Interactive Solutions is the only Remote Guarding firm endorsed by FBI-LEEDA — an organization dedicated to advancing the science and art of law enforcement leadership. Many Fortune 500 firms rely on EIS for security solutions that deliver peace of mind while simultaneously saving the firm time and money.

While this Pro-Active Remote Guarding service is expected to provide exceptional security for Monterey Motorsport Park, individual owners are certainly welcome to install an optional alarm in their garage-condo should they desire.

Monterey Peninsula’s Premier Collector and Car Community

Monterey Motorsport Park, which is scheduled to break ground next month, stands as the premier, upscale collector storage facility and car community on the Monterey Peninsula. Among the complex’s highlights are:

  • Spacious mezzanines 13 feet above floor level that most owners plan to customize into a personal office or leisure retreat with TV, wet bar, sofa, and more
  • A variety of allowable business uses — as long as they comply with the community’s CC&Rs for minimal impact on parking, traffic and water usage
  • Wiring and cable connections for owners to arrange for Internet, phone or cable TV service
  • An internal water loop if you wish to install a private restroom in your unit
  • Large rollup doors for easy vehicle access, with walk-in doors for you and your guests
  • Full fencing with 24×7 access-controlled gates and ample lighting throughout

Monterey Motorsport Park has been attracting interest from across the Monterey Peninsula, with more than 50% of the space now reserved. Don’t delay! If you have an interest in learning more about this unique community and storage facility, contact one of our brokers right away

Don’t miss us at Monterey Car Week 2018

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If you’re bringing one or more cars to Monterey Car Week, the big question always is: where will you keep them? The answer… Monterey Motorsport Park.

Check out the schedule below and come join us at car week! Have some extra time when you are in town? Schedule a tour

Monterey Motorsport Park Partners with Club Sportiva

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As the pioneer of the classic car “timeshare” concept, Club Sportiva is the nation’s premier exotic car experience and lifestyle company.

Club Sportiva offers a variety of ways to enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences with extraordinary automobiles: a McLaren 570S. Lamborghini Huracán. Porsche 911 Carrera S or Boxster GTS. Bentley Continental GTC. Or even a Tesla Model S P85D. All those and many more are available as part of an exotic car experience along the highways and byways of Northern or Southern California, or as a regular rental.

Founded in 2003, Club Sportiva has steadily expanded its collection of enthusiast vehicles, locations and membership services as it has added locations throughout the state — including its latest clubhouse in unit 42 of Garage Unlimited of Monterey.

Now, Monterey Motorsport Park has entered into a partnership agreement with Club Sportiva to spread the word about the company’s unique lifestyle offerings — with Club Sportiva returning the favor by promoting the exceptional advantages of owning within Monterey Motorsport Park’s premier garage-condo facility and collector-car community.

The Choice of Car Enthusiast Statewide
One of the best ways to enjoy Club Sportiva’s benefits is to become a member. This lets you drive any vehicle in Club Sportiva’s extensive collection without worrying about upkeep or storage. Members also receive access to services and events as well as amenities and special perks within the various clubhouses — to meet the needs of their active lifestyles.

Members of Club Sportiva who regularly visit the Monterey-Carmel area will receive complimentary vehicle delivery to the local Garage Unlimited location, and can enjoy a spacious member lounge with a pool table, games and other entertainment. Many living on the Monterey Peninsula or flying into Monterey Regional Airport will now have convenient access to the rentals, driving experiences such as an exotic car sprint or tour, and other services.

For more information, please visit the Club Sportiva website or talk to one of our brokers to learn more about the extraordinary Club Sportiva experiences.


Join us at McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2018

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Join Monterey Motorsport Park for the summer’s most unforgettable evening…

McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2018!

There’s no better way to get Monterey Car Week rolling than McCall’s Motorworks Revival, on Wednesday evening, August 22nd, from 5 – 10 p.m. at the Monterey Jet Center. We’re excited to be a part of the official kickoff to Car Week festivities and we invite you to join us at this truly one-of-a-kind gathering. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the extraordinary automobile-oriented atmosphere.

While you’re in town, let us tell you about distinctive Monterey Motorsport Park, the next evolution in upscale garage-condos. We can also schedule a time to walk you through our sold-out sister project, Garage Unlimited of Monterey, to provide just a hint about the luxury you’ll enjoy in our newest car community.

For more information about McCall’s Motorworks Revival, visit

For tickets, click here

Monterey Motorsport Park 50% Sold

1024 439 Monterey Motorsport Park

Perhaps you’ve heard about Monterey Motorsport Park, the next generation of exclusive garage-condos near Monterey Regional Airport. But possibly, finding out more about this unique car community hasn’t yet made it onto your radar screen.

That would typically be understandable because the groundbreaking isn’t slated to happen until summer — with completion currently targeted for Q2 of 2019. So, what’s the rush, right?

Well…if you’ve got a car or motorcycle collection of any size, are a motorsports enthusiast with a track car or two, or run a car-oriented business (or in fact, any business that meets the community’s qualifications), you’re going to want to rethink your timetable and take a closer look at these luxury garage-condos right away.

Why? Because even with several more months to go before construction begins, the space at Monterey Motorsport Park is already 50% sold-out!  And Building A — which includes some of the most desirable and largest spaces — only has two units left.

Luxury Befitting your Car Collection or Business

These are no low-end garages. Monterey Motorsport Park is a modern, four-building complex located along Highway 68 frontage at the turnoff to the Monterey airport.

  • 86 car and storage condos ranging from slightly under 700 sq. ft. to over 4,250 sq. ft.
  • Exteriors feature stone wall treatments, glass and welcoming entry canopies
  • Oversized rollup doors for easy vehicle access
  • Walk-in doors for comfortable entry by you and your guests
  • A fenced complex with controlled gates, security lighting, video in common areas, and alarms in units

Inside, these spacious garage-condos are nothing like the usual cramped mini-storage unit — boasting ceilings that soar up to nearly 25 feet.

  • Mezzanines 13 feet above the garage floor in every unit, with access via an internal staircase, providing for good use of this vertical space
  • Owners are customizing the mezzanines into offices or leisure retreats with TV, wet bar, sofa, and more
  • Wiring is included for Internet, phone service and cable TV
  • Water hookups let you add a bathroom in your unit, if desired

These kinds of amenities will transform Monterey Motorsport Park from a typical storage facility into a vibrant, vital car community — making it perfect for car collectors, track-day drivers, and businesses that are low impact in terms of water usage, traffic and parking demands for customers or employees. Check out the Monterey Motorsport Park website to learn more.

Construction Expected to Start in August

Monterey Motorsport Park isn’t a renovation. It will be a brand new facility — and we know you’ll be excited to see construction begin. The timetable now calls for ground to be broken in August, so the complex should be underway by this year’s Monterey Car Week festivities — with completion expected in Q2 of 2019.

But don’t wait until then to reserve your unit. With almost half the space already spoken for, you need to get in right away for the best selection — so you can choose the garage-condo that’s perfect for your business or personal needs.

To get more information and review the available units, please contact us today!

LaGalaSeca Panel Discussion on May 19th

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Ralph Borelli Talks About How Racing and Business Can Be a High-Octane Mix

The 2nd Annual Spring Classic is a vintage racing event that will be held May 18th – May 20th at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey. The Spring Classic weekend remembers and celebrates the fast and thrilling 1970s, 1980s and 1990s in the world of motorsports.

On Friday through Sunday, you can watch spirited competitions among run groups that include historic open-wheel cars, sports cars, stock cars, and motorcycles. But before the racing begins, you won’t want to miss Saturday’s second annual community celebration, LaGalaSeca — a can’t-miss evening that includes a wine reception, sumptuous dinner, silent and live auction, plus an eye-opening panel discussion featuring racing industry influencers — with all proceeds benefitting the SPCA for Monterey County.

Included in that panel discussion will be our own Ralph Borelli, founder and co-managing member of Monterey Motorsport Park, who will talk about how racing and other track activities can serve as a high-octane mix fueling successful business development efforts.

LaGalaSeca promises to be a fabulous evening, with a wine reception and silent auction at 6, followed by a Polynesian-themed dinner at 7 p.m., the lively and informative panel duscussion at 8, and a no-holds-barred live auction to conclude the festivities. Tickets are going fast — but a few spots remain. To RSVP for this unforgettable event at the hospitality pavilion at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, contact Ardelle Lind at (831) 242-8210 or email

Golf No Longer Par for the Course

For years, common wisdom has positioned a round of golf as the ideal means to conduct business and close deals. But if you’ve ever spent time waiting and waiting and waiting on some par-3 hole while multiple groups ahead of you spray balls all over the place, you know that isn’t a great time to be chatting with an annoyed customer.

And unless your customer has the patience of a saint, you also might not want to try talking business when he puts his third ball into the lake, or takes another swing that’s more sand than ball as he tries to dig his way out of a deep bunker.

Racing, on the other hand, is a guaranteed adrenaline-producing activity that can get individuals revved up and ready to go for any conversation. As the owner of a vintage stock car, Ralph Borelli has looked to various car- and track-related events to make connections that have led to substantial business for his commercial real estate firm, Borelli Investment Company.

In 1999, Ralph purchased the #22 Maxwell House car — a 1991 Ford Thunderbird that raced on the Winston Cup circuit from 1991 to 1993 and captured the pole position at the Daytona 500 in 1992. Since then, he’s competed in many vintage races, driven the car on just-for-fun track-driving days, and offered rides to numerous individuals to raise money for worthy causes.

Driving Successful Business Deals

The relationships that Ralph has built or nurtured through rides in his race car or enjoyable hours spent on pit row or in hospitality suites or motor coaches on track weekends have driven some of the largest deals Borelli Investment Company has closed. One notable relationship that started with a ride for charity in Ralph’s car in conjunction with the San Jose Grand Prix in 2005 ultimately led to the ongoing development of Market Park San Jose — at 120 acres and $3.5 billion, the largest transit-oriented development and mixed-use community in Silicon Valley.

Racing and a love of motorsports was also a key ingredient in bringing together the development team behind Monterey Motorsport Park — an exclusive garage-condo complex and car community just down Highway 68 from WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca near Monterey Regional Airport.

The 84 car and storage condos ranging from under 700 sq. ft. to more than 4,250 sq. ft. are ideal for storing cars, motorcycles and other valuable items, large or small, in a secure environment. Spacious mezzanines in every unit also provide plenty of space to customize an office or leisure retreat above the garage floor — positioning this to be a vibrant car community, not some cold, impersonal storage facility.

Learn More About Monterey Motorsport Park

Spring Classic Showcasing Nitro Revival May 18-20

1024 448 Monterey Motorsport Park

We are excited to announce a great opportunity coming up at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. 

Witness historic and vintage racing at the 2nd annual Spring Classic. Our own Co-Managing Partner, Ralph Borelli will be at the wheel of the #22 Maxwell House Stock Car. Stop by and say hello!


(All Photos: T.M. Hill)

If Cars Could Choose, They Would Roll into Monterey Motorsport Park

1024 419 Monterey Motorsport Park

Secure Garage Storage and Unmatched Amenities

If you’re a car collector, large or small, or a motorsports enthusiast with a favorite car or two that you like to take out to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca or other Northern California circuits for open-track driving days, you likely have one problem.

Where’s the best place to store your cars?

Your residence is never an ideal solution. Your home garage may be overflowing with family vehicles and household items that already cause enough tension between you and your spouse. And every time you go into or out of the garage, you expose your car to the elements.

So, perhaps you’ve been thinking about renting a mini-storage unit or warehouse space. But are those actually viable solutions? Better listen to that voice inside your head.

A Long List of Shortcomings

The two most obvious alternatives to home garage storage — mini-storage and warehouse space — have numerous serious shortcomings.

Mini-storage is not really well-adapted for car storage. Units are typically smaller and may be a very tight fit. Roll-up doors are of the lowest quality and there are no walk-in doors for easy access. In addition, most units aren’t insulated, don’t have alarms and won’t let you work on your car in your unit. Check out a comparison between mini-storage and Monterey Motorsport Park here.

As for warehouse space, that option is really only viable for people with much larger collections — and with the funds to convert a dusty non-insulated space into something suitable for storing a valuable classic car collection.

Garage-Condos with Character

That’s why you’ve got to see Monterey Motorsport Park — the next evolution of garage-condos. This unique facility offers 88 units that are purpose-built for motor vehicles — with an appropriate level of security and a ton of amenities for discerning collectors and motorsports enthusiasts on the Monterey Peninsula.

Located along Highway 68 adjacent to the Monterey Airport, Monterey Motorsport Park offers units ranging from just under 700 sq. ft. to approximately 4,250 sq. ft. The garage-condos are ideal for any number of cars, and will also accommodate larger items such as sprinter vans, a boat and trailer, furniture from a second house or a child’s college apartment, or boxes of business files.

Start with Security…End with a Unique Community Feeling

When you purchase a Monterey Motorsport Park garage-condo, you’ll enjoy unmatched amenities:

  • Security safeguards — Completely fenced perimeter with 24×7 access-controlled entrance gates, abundant lighting and video cameras covering common areas — plus all units are individually alarmed
  • Out-of-the-box design — Look up…the ceilings soar up to nearly 25 feet, with large roll-up entrance doors for vehicles and standard doors for you and your guests
  • Personal office, retreat or qualified business usage — Second floor mezzanines are standard in every unit and most owners plan to customize these into personal spaces — with a desk, sofa, wet bar, and refrigerator — plus a large-screen TV to enjoy their favorite races or sporting events
  • Phone-Internet-Cable — Cat 6 wiring provides Internet and phone service, plus additional optional security features — with the option cable hookups as well
  • Water and electrical — Units are pre-plumbed for sinks and bathrooms, and each has a 200-amp electrical panel with outlets and upgrades available
  • Ownership advantages — Unlike mini-storage, these are units you own, offering you the advantages of a leveraged investment, potential tax benefits, and long-term appreciation — plus you always have the option of leasing your unit to create a steady income stream
  • True car community — The vast majority of owners are passionate about their cars or motorcycles just like you are — this will create a sense of community that will make it a fun place to hang out and swap car and track stories

Best Time to Buy

Monterey Motorsport Park is scheduled to start construction this summer, with the grand opening planned for the spring of 2019. But while that may seem a long way off, now is really the best time to buy.

First, you’ll want to get in while the selection is still good. Already, 45% of the space has been spoken for before a shovel of dirt has been turned. But there’s still a broad selection of units, large and small. So, there’s no time to waste.

Second, Monterey Motorsport Park is offering attractive incentives to those who buy during the pre-construction period  — including an automatic garage door opener and a polished concrete floor — included with your unit at no additional charge.

For more information, contact our brokers